Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Review: My 2011 Intentions

Here are my 2011 Intentions:
  • I intend to create a daily practice of yoga, meditation and journaling
  • I intend to drink at least one Green Smoothie daily
  • I intend to do 35 minutes or more of cardio exercise at least 4 times a week, this includes dog walking, rebounder, etc. 
  • I intend to focus on growing my blog this year, including number of followers, investing in SEO program, creating regular posts and updating the look
  • I intend to write and publish my first book
  • I intend to focus on my Spiritual practice, which could include taking classes at the Rime  Buddhist Center, increasing my meditation practice, Spiritual reading, prayer, and creating my own Sacred Space.
  • I intend to start the year with a 21 Day Adventure Cleanse, and do mini-cleanses throughout the year
  • I intend to continue to build and grow my friendships and schedule at least one social outing each week
  • I intend to attend a Vipssanna meditation retreat as part of my healing and Spiritual growth
  • I intend to take a vacation this year, location TBA
So How Did I Do?
  1. I started the year with a yoga practice, but after my water weight came on I no longer could do it. This is going on my 2012 goals. Journaling was hit or miss, and I meditated frequently, but not enough. 
  2. Green Smoothie--check!
  3. Exercise has been on and off because of my condition as well
  4. Been working on growing the blog, but didn't do many of the things I wanted to do. Will flip to 2012. 
  5. Book writing flipped to 2012
  6. Definitlely did a lot of Spiritual work this year and will continue to grow next year. 
  7. Did the 21 day cleanse, twice actually. 
  8. Friendships--check!
  9. You can read about my Vipssanna experience here. 
  10. I took at vacation to Portland, which you can read about here. 
All in all not bad, most of it is continuing into 2012, but that's because several things are lifetime goals. 

How Did You Do With Your 2011 Intentions?


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  3. Great Post! I don't remember my 2011 intentions. I got diagnosed in April, 2011, so, as you well know, my entire life changed at that time. However, I have to say many of my 2012 goals match yours! I also will increase my spiritual practice, exercise more, eat healthy, and try to STAY ALIVE! Also I hope to have my blog published as a book "100 Perks Of Having Cancer". i need to do all of this in the midst of having a radical mastectomy and 25 radiation treatments :) It is going to be a busy year!!!
    Cancer Warrior


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