Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Cancer Journey: A Review

The Cancer Journey is a guidebook written by Polly Noble; a 30 year old who has been through the cancer process twice. The first time she followed the conventional methods, but this time she decided to heal herself. She's been featured in several prominent magazines, radio programs, teaches classes, etc. Recently, she published her first print book, available on her website which you can reach here.

The book is broken into 12 Chapters, covering anything from dealing with doctors, taking care of your emotional needs, meditation techniques, Reiki, creative outlets, detailed info on cancer itself, information on juicing and the raw food diet, and tips on replacing your household items with toxic free items. She also has information for supporters of cancer patients.

I found this book to be very informative for someone just learning about holistic cancer health. Most of the information provided I personally knew, but I did pick up some tidbits. It's written very simplistically; I highly recommend this for the newly diagnosed. It will walk you through all the steps to healing yourself and understand your cancer. Overall, buy this book. Part of the proceeds go to charity, which is always nice.

Have you Read Polly's book?

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  1. It is wonderful information for people to have. too many people don't realize that they have options.


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