Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Oregon Adventure: Vegan Eats and Sea Lions

After I left my Vipassana retreat (read about it here), I spent some time alternatively between Portland and the Oregon Coast. Sadly, my trip was filled with many hiccups including my carry-on bag breaking, my purse breaking (resulting in me using a Whole Foods Bag for both), my GPS breaking on the last day, meaning I never got to visit the art gallery, the beach being a cool 55 degrees and drizzle my first and part of second day, and my luggage being stolen at the airport in Kansas City. A wonderful ending to a disappointing trip. Fortunately, my luggage has been discovered, a kind older woman took the wrong bag, has returned it to the airport, and they are delivering as we speak. Thank you Universe!!! There were some highlights, including visiting the Sea Lion Caves, a Dune Buggy ride through the Sand Dune National Park, my final beach day sunny and early 60's so I got to dig my toes in the sand after all, Powell bookstore, discovering some amazing pizza (not-vegan) and several vegan restaurants plus an entire vegan strip mall.

The beauty of the ocean, as seen from my balcony

Sea Lions are very chatty!

Local Portland Pizza, creamy garlic sauce, artichoke hearts, spinach and tomato

Spicy Butternut and Black Bean Chili Vegan Quesadilla from Blooming Lotus

Peaches and Cream Smoothie from Blooming Lotus

Spicy hot chocolate with rice milk from Red and Black Cafe

Anarchist Vegan Grandma in Dominatrix Heels at Red and Black Cafe

Vegan deliciousness from Sweet Pea Bakery
(Chocolate cupcake, apple spice coffee cake, cinnamon roll, banana bread and hiding, a brownie)

Closer look at that cupcake!

Vegan Strip Mall view of Herbivore and Food Fight Grocery

Cacao smoothie from Prasad

Chili Bowl with rice, vegan chili, avocado, and steamed greens from Prasad

Have you been to Oregon? Share your trip experiences here!


  1. As you know Oregon is my favorite place!

  2. YUM! I am dying over here just looking at the pictures, it all looks delicious!

  3. Oh man! "Anarchist vegan grandma" is the best part...and all that food looks phenomenal! Yummm.

  4. Anarchist vegan gma is the best!! And I'm totally envious of her saucy heels. Nice pics, food looks so good, love the sea lions!


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