Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Life Changes

In my last post I hinted at some special guests that visited my home and some life changes. Life can change so quickly, I've just begun to process all the new aspects of my life and more to come.

First, in October my Dad started dating a wonderful lady named Susi. They met went he came to do plumbing work at her house, started talking, and she asked him out. So cute! They've been glued to the hip ever since and he moved in this weekend. He says she's "the one" and she says he's "everything I've ever wanted" and when my parents divorce is finalized, there will be wedding bells. The other part of this is that Susi comes from a HUGE family. She is one of either 5 kids, and has 5 kids herself, some married with children. One of her daughters was in a bad way a few years ago; drugs, abusive husband; and lost the kids to the state. Susi immediately applied for adoption, they came to live with her, and in November they were officially her's. I'm incredibly impressed. I mean, she has spent the last 40 years raising kids, plus she runs a daycare, and now she has a five year old and an eight year old. Amazing. Fortunately, my Dad's dream was always to have more kids and they LOVE him. They are already prepared to call him Dad, which admittedly freaks me out a bit. I met them for the first time on Sunday, and the little girl, Jacinda (the 8 year old) made me this gorgeous picture frame, which she decorated herself. She wants to put our FAMILY PHOTO in it! Admittedly, I'm a bit overwhelmed. However, I'm extremely happy for my Dad and I know that eventually I will get used to it all.

Second, and one of the reasons they came over, is that I've giving up Triton. This breaks my heart, but as some of you know, I had decided a few months ago I could no longer care for him. I can't walk him, I can barely play with him, and it's gotten to the point where he gets bored and acts out, I get upset, and scream at him and it's just a bad situation. I didn't want to just let him go to strangers, and Susi has always wanted a Great Dane, which is what he is mixed with. She volunteered to take him. When they first met, she said "I thought he would be bigger"! This cracks me up because he's a 150lb monster and most people say "he's so big". Due to a sewage flood, she wasn't able to take him immediately, but the basement has been finished and they are making him his own room. I believe he will move into his new home next weekend, although he tried to go home with him on Sunday, which was hilarious. I really think he'll be happy there and the kids just played and played with him. He LOVED it! Plus, since she doesn't have a fenced yard right now, they will have to walk him to take him to potty. I think eventually they will get an invisible fence or something. Problem solved, because now I can see him whenever I desire.

Third, I have stopped making payments on my house. At the first of the year it had been over a year since I've been on "paid leave" at work, and it's obvious I'm not going back. My Dad decided we needed to find another way to fund me because the company simply couldn't support me anymore. Anyway, they still are, but we are looking into government programs and such right now. My biggest expense is the house at $900 a month, so I decided I needed to move. I really don't need that much space, and I believe it's for the best. This isn't set in stone yet, but Susi has an apartment in the basement. Her last tenant recently moved out, and it's been remodeled completely due to the sewage incident. It has it's own entrance, with a screened in porch, that leads into a living room with a kitchenette, fully stocked. It has a bedroom and bathroom. I wouldn't have to pay any utilities, and likely little to no rent. I would have my privacy, but also the benefit of my "new family" right upstairs to assist me in my health needs. I will likely be moving in a few months; so I need to start downsizing.

So that's life for now! Whew!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Health, Life, 'etc.

I've been rather quiet for the last week and a half. Last Friday, February 17th, I posted how wonderful things were going. And they were. Friday I got up, had a lovely lunch with a friend, did a bit of shopping, and was preparing to drive to my Mom's to meet up for a movie when CRASH! I got in my car after hitting up Old Navy and suddenly I just crashed. I felt every ounce of energy just run out of my body and I could barely keep my eyes open. I called my Mom, sent my apologizes for the movie, and drove home. It was a 20 minute drive and I swear I didn't think I would make it. I finally got home, walked in the house, threw done my coat and crawled into bed. This was around 4pm in the afternoon. I woke up several hours later, and had some juice. I made it about an hour and crashed again. Several hours later, woke up for more juice, then crash. I have literally been sleeping since then.

Friday the 24th I broke my juice fast, had some roasted root veggies (along with some juice). Slept some more, had a little bit of Indian food, and Friday night I was up from 4:30 to almost 2am, the longest period of awakeness in over a week. I slept on and off through the night, getting up for coconut water, raw nuts, and juice a few times. Around 7am I could no longer sleep. so I got up, and went out to get some more juice and intended on hitting up Trader Joe's for some salads and good food to transition out of my juice feast. I got the juice, about half of what I normally had been doing, but was too tired to tackle Trader Joe's. I ended up having some  juice and fresh aloe and then went back to sleep. I woke up again early afternoon, and managed to stay up for 3-4 hours, took a short 1.5 hour nap, and had some more Indian food and watched Merlin and managed to stay up for another few hours. I then slept through most of Saturday night. Sunday morning I got up around 9:30, because my Dad called and said he and his posse (explain in a minute), were on the way. They spent about an hour or so with me, then I spent about another hour talking to my Mom on the phone. I went back to sleep for about two hours, and have been up ever since, although I suspect I'll be ready for bed once I finish this post as it's nearly Midnight. I am still fatigued, but doing much better, and tomorrow (Monday) my Mom and her friends are coming to clean and get some Trader Joe's for me.

So what happened?

  1. I hate juicing with a fiery passion, but after getting out of the hospital, I knew I needed to give my body a break, get cleaned out, and let it focus on healing. Juicing takes all the work of digestion out, therefore allowing the body to focus on other things. So instead of doing it personally, we would buy juices from a local establishment, 80 oz, daily. While this seemed like a perfect solution, upon reflection I realize that while tasty, most of the juice were high in fruit and the vegetables used were sweeter veggies such as beets, carrots, cucumber, etc. There weren't a lot of dark leafy greens. So while it helped tremendously at first, after awhile my body felt like it was missing something, which it was.  
  2. Also, initially my body was doing an awesome job moving "stuff" on out. However, this past week that has slowed, and I started having pain when going to the bathroom. Low and behold, I developed hemorrhoids! Ugh! I've never had them before, so it took me a few days to figure out what was wrong. I've been taking a couple different treatments for the last several days, but they are stubborn bastards and don't seem to want to go away. Besides intense pain, one of the effects of hemorrhoids is constipation. So I'm hoping the colon cleanse will help. It turns everything into pure liquid, so should be easier to release. But since I'm having problems in that area, my body has because a bit toxic, so I need to get stuff out!
So as of now, I'm transition from juicing to solid foods again. I plan on having a superfood smoothie for breakfast, a nice salad for lunch, and something like a Buddha bowl, soup or gluten free pasta for dinner. I'm  going to get some grapes and raw nuts for snacking. This should keep me back in balance. 

Well, I have some life updates as well, but as this post is long enough already, I'll save them for my next post. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dr. Group's 7-Day & 6-Day Oxygen Colon Cleanses

Cleansing is an important part of healing, and really it's important for everyone. The average person has 25lbs of backed up feces in their colon. Everybody has gall stones, just in most cases they pass on their own. I hate to tell you this, but you have parasites. Yes, creatures are feeding on you right now, and that's not a good thing. Most people also have heavy metals in their system due to our environment. As I've recently gone through a health crisis, I've decided to do some cleanses. This doctor has an entire program, Colon Cleanse, Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse, Parasite Cleanse and Heavy Metal Cleanse. I plan on going through the entire process, starting with the Colon Cleanse as recommended. Here is the info, I'll let you know how it turns out! 

Supplies Needed for the 6-Day Advanced Oxygen Colon Cleanse:

Note: If you purchase aloe juice from your local health food store, make sure it's the highest quality available (without any added sugars and preferably organic).

What Should I Drink during the 6-Day Advanced Colon Cleanse

Try to drink 1 gallon of Dr. Group's Colon Cleansing Cocktail every day during the 6-Day Cleanse. It is best to keep this Cocktail refrigerated throughout the day. If you are not able to finish the gallon by the end of the day, discard the rest and start fresh the following day. Do your best to finish 1 gallon per day.

Daily Instructions for making the Colon Cleansing Cocktail:

Each Morning:

  • Start with 1 gallon of distilled or Wellness Water®, preferably stored or purchased in a glass container.
  • Pour out 4 ounces of the distilled or purified water from the gallon so that you can add the additional ingredients listed below.
  • Add three tablespoons of raw non-pasteurized Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) to the gallon of water. Shake well. If the taste is too strong for you to handle, reduce to 2 tablespoons per gallon until you become accustomed to the taste.
  • Add 2 ounces of R PUR Aloe International® 18X Concentrate or organic aloe vera juice from your local health food store.
  • Add the juice of ½ organic lemon
  • Mix well and keep refrigerated
Personal Note: Distilled water works beautifully to help detoxify the body. However, if you regularly consume distilled water it may cause a mineral depletion from your body. Therefore, I recommend always adding Organic Apple Cider Vinegar to distilled water to replace the essential minerals normally absent.

Dosage Instructions For The 6-Day Advanced Oxygen Colon Cleanse:

Days 1-6 of Colon Cleanse


  1. Mix your own Dr. Group's Colon Cleansing Cocktail. Drink 20 ounces from the time you make your drink till the time you eat breakfast.
  2. Repeat the following Affirmation 9 times: I Am Clean and Healthy.


  1. Eat as much fruit as you can until you are full, but eat only 1 type of fruit!
  2. Choose 1 of the following: grapefruit, white grapes, pineapple, oranges, or watermelon. If these are not in season substitute with apples or bananas.
  3. After Breakfast and before your Mid-Morning Snack, consume another 20 ounces of Dr. Group's Colon Cleansing Cocktail.
  4. Repeat the following Affirmation 9 times: I Am Clean and Healthy.
  5. Take 3 capsules of Latero-Flora™ or another high quality Probiotic supplement.

MID-MORNING SNACK (halfway between breakfast & lunch)

  1. Eat as much fruit as you can until you are full. Only eat 1 type of fruit!
  2. Choose one of the following: blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries or goji berries. If berries are not in season, replace them with apples or bananas.
  3. After your Mid-Morning Snack and before your Lunch, consume another 20 ounces of Dr. Group's Colon Cleansing Cocktail.
  4. Repeat the following Affirmation 9 times: I Am Clean and Healthy.


  1. Eat as much fruit as you can until you are full. Only eat 1 type of fruit!
  2. Choose one of the following: apples, papaya, or bananas.
  3. After Lunch and before your Mid-Afternoon Snack, consume another 20 ounces of Dr. Group's Colon Cleansing Cocktail.
  4. Repeat the following Affirmation 9 times: I Am Clean and Healthy.

MID-AFTERNOON SNACK (halfway between lunch & dinner)

  1. Eat as much fruit as you can until you are full. Only eat 1 type of fruit!
  2. Choose one of the following: grapefruit, white grapes, pineapple, or oranges
  3. After your Mid-Afternoon Snack and before your Dinner, consume another 20 ounces of Dr. Group's Colon Cleansing Cocktail.
  4. Repeat the following Affirmation 9 times: I Am Clean and Healthy.


  1. Eat as much fruit as you can until you are full. Only eat 1 type of fruit!
  2. Choose one of the following: avocados or tomatoes (tomatoes need to be vine ripened for best results). You may use fresh lime juice, natural sea salt (preferably Himalayan salt), cayenne or black pepper to season the avocado, or tomato if necessary. However, it is best to eat these fruits raw.
  3. After your dinner meal and before bedtime consume another 20 ounces of Dr. Group's Colon Cleansing Cocktail
  4. Repeat the following Affirmation 9 times: I Am Clean and Healthy.


  1. Repeat the following Affirmation 9 times: I Am Clean and Healthy.
  2. Take 6 capsules of Oxy-Powder® with the remaining 8 ounces of the Colon Cleansing Cocktail. If you do not achieve 3 to 5 bowel movements the following day, increase your dosage by 2 capsules each night until you achieve 3 to 5 bowel movements the following day. Take this same dosage every night before going to bed for the remaining days of the 6-Day Oxygen Colon Cleanse. If you experience 6 or more bowel movements the following day, reduce your dosage by 2 capsules each night until you achieve the recommended 3 to 5 daily bowel movements. After the 6-Day cleanse I recommend following the Oxy-Powder maintenance dosing below.
MUST READ! Oxy-Powder® will cause watery, extremely soft and easily passed stools similar to diarrhea. The watery and soft stools are the result of the oxygen in Oxy-Powder turning the solid waste and bowel compaction into a liquid or semi liquid form.
This is a NORMAL reaction and a sign that you are cleansing properly. This is NOT diarrhea, which is usually the result of an infection or laxative and is associated with dehydration and electrolyte deficiencies. Oxy-Powder is completely safe and will not cause dehydration or an electrolyte deficiency.
For You to Know: Temporary abdominal cramping may occur in individuals performing their first colon cleanse. Cramping is a sure sign your digestive tract is not functioning at optimal levels and you need to continue the 6-Day Oxygen Colon Cleanse. This should subside by the 3rd day. To help relieve temporary cramping I recommend you get up from bed, drink 8 ounces of distilled or purified water and walk around for about 15 minutes to increase your blood flow and let gravity help move the Oxy-Powder and toxins down through the intestinal tract.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Health Update

I've been home from the hospital for a week now, and feel sooo much better! I am continuing to lose weight, juicing, taking detox baths and just feeling really clear and energized. 

As far as the weight issue goes, I'm already back at what I thought my "true" weight was, 135lb and I'm starting to realize that I was much smaller than that. While it's a HUGE different from 183lbs, My arms are skinny as shit and my thighs have so much extra skin they could flap in the wind. I was a size 4 before, and I'm starting to think I must have been closer to 120-125lbs. We'll see how it goes but I can't WAIT to be able to wear some real clothes again. As much as I enjoy yoga pants and pajama pants, I'd like to be able to wear something I little nicer for social activities. I'm going to the ballet in a few weeks, so excited, seeing Romeo and Juliet, and I want to be able to fit into a nice outfit. I think I can fit into my black pants now, and with a nice sweater, I'll be good to go! I also need my feet to go down, so i can wear shoes. 

I've been getting juices from Coffee Girls each day, around 4 which is 80oz of juice daily. I also MSM water, coconut water, tea, and a protein drink. I really haven't had a lot of food cravings, which is great. Ideally I'm going to keep this up for as long as I need.  

Thank you so much for your support during this process. It means a lot . 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Alphabet Vitamins

So what's the deal with all these vitamins anyway? Here's a look at what I like to call the "alphabet" vitamins. 

Vitamin A
This vitamin is great for improving vision, bone health, teeth/hair/nail health and protects against disease. Some of the very best sources of beta carotene are carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, winter squash, mangoes, papayas, peaches and cantaloupe. 

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 has been called the "mighty vite" because of all the functions it performs. It is estimated that Vitamin B6 is involved with more than 101 chemical reactions that occur in our bodies.
Vitamin B6 helps us by aiding in the manufacturing of amino acids.Vitamin B6 helps our bodies to produce what's called Lymphocytes. These are white blood cells that are called out to attack foreign invaders in our bodies called antigens. It also aids in mental health. It is best to take as a supplement. 

Vitamin B12 helps regulate the nervous system, maintaining a healthy digestive system, and hair/nail/teeth health. It also aids in healing cancer. It is essential for our health. Take a daily supplement, especially as a vegetarian, as it's the only vitamin we can't get through our food. Bee products, however, do contain a high amount of B12. Just make sure you get raw honey, local bee pollen, and high quality Royal Jelly. I recommend The Raw Food world for your Royal Jelly. 

Vitamin C
This vitamin is a great healer. It's fantastic for colds, healing wounds, cancer prevention, heart health and diabetes. The daily requirement of Vitamin C can be acquired by consuming citrus fruits like oranges, lemons and grapefruits and other fruits like strawberries or kiwifruit.

Vitamin D
Vitamin D provides calcium balance in the body that prevents osteoporosis or arthritis. Vitamin D aids in fighting depression, skin health and cardiovascular strength. The best way to get Vitamin D is to hang out in the sun. 

Vitamin E
Vitamin E protects the skin from free radicals, it has anti-aging elements and protects the skin from the sun. Vitamin E can heal skin conditions and wounds. This is great used topically for skin care. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Superfood Hot Chocolate

I've been juicing like crazy since I've been out of the hospital. However, I still wish to get in my superfood and protein powders. Swishing them in milk and downing it is rather gross, as you can never get the powders properly mixed and you end up drinking powder chunks. Ugh! So I devised a plan, Superfood Hot Chocolate! Most of my powders I get the chocolate flavor, and then a couple things just have herb flavor. Here's my recipe:

Get a large mug and measure out how much almond/coconut milk you need. Add a scoop of each  item, Amazing Grasses Chocolate Green Superfood, Vega Shake and Go Smoothie in Chocolate, Missessence Radical Berry, MIessence, In-Liven Fermented Probiotic Superfood, a teaspoon of Merlin's Herbal Magic Root Elixer, one teaspoon of Colostrum, a tablespoon of Cinnamon and a tsp of Cayenne. 

This is a delicious way to get everything in. Click on each item for a link to details on that product. I added Cinnamon because of it's many benefits, including studies that show that it can add in healing lymphoma. Cayenne is a healthy heart herb, so I found that to be important as well. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Coffee Enema: What's the Deal Anyway?

I have had a lot of people ask me about coffee enemas. This video by Cancer Thriver Jess from The Wellness Warrior is the best source of information I've seen so far. 

Friday, February 10, 2012

My Latest Trip to the Hospital

Monday morning my Dad took me to the ER due to massive swelling in the abdomen; I could barely walk or breath, LOTS of pain, massive swelling, felt like my organs were going to explode. They ran several tests and determined that my spleen and liver were massively swollen. My liquid monster issue had overrun my body again. I take diuretics at home, but apparently the dosage stopped working or getting through, I blew up again and overloaded my organs. Plus, I have been majorly fatigued these last few weeks; my iron levels had dropped below the danger level. They checked me in, set me up on an IV for diuretics, and then later a blood transfusion. I felt better automatically when receiving the blood; energy back! I spent Monday, Tuesday and most of Wednesday at the hospital. They let me check out Wednesday night. I've adjusted my at home meds, and have a check up in a week. I feel soooo much better! I think I dropped about 20 lbs, and though my organs are still swollen, I'm working on that.

So what happens now? Right before this, I had built a plan I called my "Liquid Love Feast". I realized my body was spending too much time on digestion,  and my diet had slipped. I hate juicing, the process not the actual juice, so I looked into some programs including the Blue Print Cleanse, which was just too expensive. So I came up with a new solution. There is a shop called Coffee Girls less than five minutes from my house that makes fresh juice. They come in 20oz, and they have 8 different varieties. From my research, if you go on a juice feast, drinking 64-80 oz of juice daily is ideal. So I plan on getting 4 drinks a day. Right now we have just been running up and buying them, and of course I was in the hospital, so no real time to get started. I am going to try and work something out, maybe a delivery system with the store; fingers crossed.

In addition I'm drinking lots of coconut water and aloe beverages. Protein drinks as well. I've decided to allow certain things like light soups, applesauce, etc. However, liquid is the focus. My goal is to do 1-3 enemas daily, skin brushing, detox baths, etc. I also ordered a liver cleanse, which I'll blog about when it arrives. I really want to focus on getting healthy.

As I get stronger, yoga will also be added and a few other items as well.

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