Thursday, December 8, 2011

Untitled Cancer Poem

I found this poem I wrote about three years ago while clearing out some files. I've come a long way. 

Untitled Cancer Poem

I close my eyes, block out sounds, twittering,
creaking around my ear drum
Progression, spreading, tumors, cancer
I envision myself in a lavender dress, kitten heels,
The necklace from my lover
resting gently on my collarbone,
My 10 year high school reunion.
Cancer, spreading, time running out,
A smile dances on my face, my furry mutt
In his graduation cap, photo imprinted on my mind
Kleenex after Kleenex
I wonder if they compost?
How long will it take for my body to break down,
Faster than the Kleenex?
I’m dying and all I can think about is my
Dad hasn’t fixed the gate on my fence, or
The humidifier on my piano
Cancer, neck, chest, lungs, liver,
Pressing against my spine
Crawling down my hip bone
I wonder who will fly in for the reunion
Who got married, had kids, became a
Doctor, lawyer, architect, musician,
Who died…
I need to get that gate fixed. 

~Shanna Sandmoen

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