Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How My Epic Fails Became a Moment of ~ing-Spiration

I consider myself to be a pretty excellent chef, especially when it comes to baked goods. However in the last few weeks I've had to throw away a failed attempt at baklava, rocky road fudge, and just last night two different types of cookies. Fortunately the third type turned out okay. Friday, I made strawberry muffins and I could already tell I've got another epic fail on my hands. So I did what I do best; I got creative. I had a vision for a loaf, I grabbed four bananas, smashed them a bit with a fork and then pulverized them with the mixer. I got them into a creamy mixture, then grabbed my Bolthouse Farms Mocha Cappuccino beverage and pour one cup in the mixture. Mix. After that I just started grabbing at the basics like sugar. I added coco and of course flour, baking soda, vanilla, salt. Once I felt I had a good base, I poured in Hazelnuts, then got out my giant Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate bar, broke off several pieces, and stirred those in as well. I poured into a loaf pan and told myself that no matter what happens, I still got skills. I have amazing pastas, chili's, soups that I've made, so maybe I'm just going through a slump. Epic Fails make me feel like shit, they are a waste of ingredients and money and I hate that things don't turn out. Big disappointment. So how's the loaf? .Pretty damn delicious if I do say so myself. Very rich, but tasty. Spirit saved gave me the confidence to dive back in. I took the rest of the weekend off, but now, I'm getting back into the kitchen. White Chocolate Cookies and Cream Fudge anyone?

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