Thursday, December 29, 2011

Best Music of 2011

In reviewing my favorite music I listened to this year, I realized most of it was released in 2010. However, in the last month I've obsessively listened to the new Florence and the Machine, She & Him Christmas album and the new Tori Amos album. Release the Sunbird I got earlier this year, however the others I don't actually own yet. I do have them on hold at the library, and have been listening to You Tube clips. They are all artists, with the excepting of Adele, that I have other CD's for, and so I'm confident in these as well. So anyway, here's my "best of" list for 2011 (in no particular order).

I couldn't get good videos for all of them, but I put together an Amazon module with all the albums. I highly recommend checking them out!

What are your favorite albums of 2011?

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