Monday, April 2, 2012

31 Things Before I Turn 31 March 29th: A Wrap-Up

Harry Potter Theme Park

The Wrap Up:
Complete: 15:
In Progress: 4
Incomplete: 12

At the end of the day I completed or nearly completed about 2/3 of the items, which I'd say is pretty good. Some of the items I just didn't care about anymore, such as doing a jigsaw puzzle or knitting. A few the opportunity just didn't come up, and due to some major health complications this year some goals went on the wayside. Overall, I had fun with it and will be posting my "32 Things" shortly. 

  • Read "Enchanted Love" by Marianne Williamson 
  • Organize My Photos
  • Clean my house weekly
  • Get 100+ Followers for My Blog
  • Watch "Black Swan"
  • Clear out basement and sell on Craig's List
  • Create a delicious gluten free, sugar free banana bread
  • Take the "No TV for 30 Days" Challenge
  • Write Myself a Love letter
  • Read Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
  • Complete the 2012 Sci-Fi Reader Challenge (six books)
  • Heal my eczema
  • Do Sarah Wilson's "I Quit Sugar" 8 week cleanse
  • Go on a Missouri weekend and see all historical landmarks
  • Journal Daily
  • Create a weekly yoga schedule
  • Heal My Cancer
  • Study a Course in MIracles: Attend a Workshop
  • Do Megan Telphner's "21 Days to Health" cleanse
  • Schedule myself a Spa Day
  • Convert family videos to DVD
  • Complete Jigsaw puzzle
  • Visit the Harry Potter theme park
  • Learn to make nut mylks
  • Read complete works of Frank Baum
  • Learn to make tiramisu
  • Publish a VLOG
  • Take 5th Dimensional healing class
  • Read six Jane Austen in spired books
  • Write my first book
  • Learn to Knit; complete at least one project


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