Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Burning Questions

what’s one dumb thing that you used to believe in?

I used to buy into the whole concept of The One. You know…The One…your loverly soulmate. All perfectly cut to fit your mold. In sync with your values, kisses like a lover should kiss, finishes your sentences, can read your mind with such accuracy that they know exactly what to say, what to get you for your birthday, when to tip toe or sweep you off your feet. Lifetimes together. Riding the same brainwaves. Wants what you want. Harmonious hot perfection. DESTINY. The ONLY one for you. Just…one.
That’s what the 80′s in the New Age got ya: predeterministic thinking that is dangerously narrow — doesn’t leave much room for mystery (maybe The One isn’t who you thought they’d be), and limits your options (what if there’s more than just one?)
What I now know to be true: The One Is the One because you say they are. It’s the partner you choose, the partner you declare sacred, the partner to whom you vow — in your own way — to love like they’re the only One.
ANSWER THE BURNING QUESTIONWhat’s one dumb thing that you used to believe in?

My Answer: This question bothered me. Is anything we believe really dumb? As children it's cute to believe in everything and anything until we reach a certain age and we need to "grow up". Fairies aren't real. You can't be an astronaut. We don't have the ability to move things with our minds. You need to let go of the "imaginary" friend", they aren't really there. Well screw that, if you believe it, it's real. And I understand what Danielle is saying about belief in the "one", but maybe instead of being one person, it's one soul, and I think sometimes our souls are spread between several physical bodies, so in a way, all those people are "the one" and I there's. No belief is dumb, like there are no dumb questions. Belief is a beautiful thing: I'm going to ride my Unicorn now. 


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