Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I'm a Multi-Faceted Woman: Why I'm Merging my Blogs

I've decided to merge all three of my blogs into one. I split them into six at the beginning of the year (yikes!) mainly because I realized that I have many interests and Existing's Tricky seemed more of a health blog. Over time I realized I am a crazy person and narrowed it to three: Existing's Tricky, Radical Self Love and Enlightened by Books. This seemed like a good balance; a health blog, a book blog, a gratitude and spirituality blog, but I've come to realized that not only is it a lot of work to maintain, but essentially I've split myself into pieces. 

One of my favorite blogs is called Yes and Yes. Creator Sarah's entire viewpoint is that she has many interests: she travels, reads, does the yearly birthday goals, likes music, artwork, cooking, etc. She created a blog that discusses many different topics because she is a multi-faceted being. As am I. 

So why continue dividing myself? I mean, raise your hand if you are just one facet of self? Many of you are interested in health, happiness and reading, right? So I'm going back to one blog. There will be changes though. You'll see more posts, more variety in posts, more creative pursuits, affiliates, contests and more. I'm going to keep the other blogs active for a few weeks while I switch some things over, but afterwards Existing's Tricky is my baby, my life, who I am...completely.  

This Month on Existing's Tricky:

  • Health tips and information on going from a Standard American Diet (SAD) to a variety of healthier options from a wholefoods diet all the way to a raw foods diet. We'll talk about the farming industry, going local, preservatives in foods, how to switch from coffee, milk, etc. to something better. Recipes galore!
  • I have many reading challenges going and I read 2-3 books a week, so expect to start putting your summer reading list together as I have some great books to review. 
  • Danielle's La Portes Burning Questions, exercises from Goddess Leone's Goddess Circle, Spirit Junkie motivation, Radical Self Love inspiration, healing the mind and Spirit. 
  • I've been getting crafty lately and this month I'm involved in a 30 Day Poetry Challenge, 30 Day Photography Challenge, a Creativity Program and so much more. I will be releasing my first e-book sometime in May, so keep your eyes open for that!
Love and Gratitude, 



  1. I think this will be a good change. As much as I understand wanting to be deliberate in what you're posting and where, I think you're right - all of your blogs are about existing in a healthy sphere.

    Essentially, Existing's Tricky is still a health blog. It's just about more than food and nutrition now. You've got the big three in one blog - Mind, Body, AND Spirit!

  2. Good point made above: by combining the three blogs, you are addressing the big three: Body, Mind, and Spirit! (Actually, you might even want to categorize your posts in that way.) Good move, Shanna!

    You are featured as my guest blooger today. Thanks for that!
    Cancer Warrior

  3. I think fusing your blogs (and interests) back together is a great idea. :)


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