Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Poetry Wednesday's: Universal Truth

Love, the honey kissed wind sending hugs from the Universe across the stars,
embracing the serenity of the forests, the crashing of the ocean responds
with its ferocious beauty; the dolphins prance, dancing, mermaids by their side
Galloping through the forest, sending dreams of wonder to little girls across the galaxy,
the Unicorn, takes a bow and honors the fairies who guard Mother Earth,
precious, she communes with the Sun and Moon, spreading the Universal truth,
We are all Goddesses, basking in the glory of our physical natures.
Our Spirit, it sings; heart-songs travel the rivers, searching for peace.
As I stand naked before the skies, I pray, I pray for forgiveness,
for the ones trapped in darkness. I pray and the Universe answers,
you are worthy, you are loved...
and I believe, wrapped in gratitude, this life, a gift.
And the Angels sing my name, and I know I will never be alone again.  


  1. The last line is very poignant. My favorite parts of the poem is all of the movement especially the "prancing dolphins." Thanx.


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