Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Poetry Wednesday's: The Box by Shanna Sandmoen

This is a weekly series that I posted on my Enlightened by Books blog. Every week I would feature a new poem/poet. This month, I am participating in a 30 Day Poem a Day Challenge, so I thought I'd share a poem that came from that challenge. 

The Box 
by Shanna Sandmoen

I pulled out the box, encased in dust and lost memories, 
memories that will remain locked in mystery forever.
Beautiful photos; adventures never revealed.
My Grandma, holding a rifle, laughing, 
pictures of her dancing in the garden,
so free, gracious, beautiful, 
and her smile; I wish I had seen it personally.
She never shared her stories, not until
those final days in the nursing home.
Then she told me of a farm house, 
parents and great aunts and uncles I never knew.
Oh how I wish we could speak now!
The box teasing me with it's untold stories.
To my future generations I promise you this:
I will not take all my secrets to the grave. 


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