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Radical Self Love Goddess: Suze Ford

Suze Ford is a local Kansas City artist that inspires with her gorgeous artwork. Her paintings are use poetry and inspirational images with messages of love, gratitude, and living your dreams. 

“I find myself striving to make sense of it all.  I am consumed with an excess of images, emotions, dreams, faith, expectations, gender, identity, journals and lyrics.  Sometimes it creates an overwhelming feeling of chaos.  These elements combine in my works as they do in life.  Evolving at times arbitrarily, and unexpectedly each work creating their own DNA.  The layers embody a history, past present and the foreshadowing of future paralleling the human experience.  

My work comes from a perception of the stages of a woman’s life.  I illustrate an optimistic view point on the melancholy and awkwardness of life.  A viewer’s personal experiences that they bring is what completes the story of each piece.  My fascination with life’s constant changes drives me to find clarity and serenity with in chaos.”


Suze Ford Studios

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"Painting to Please the Soul, the mind, the eye, but not the ego"

How would I define Radical self love?

I do not feel that loving yourself should be anything radical.  I believe loving yourself should be something that you do everyday.  It should be something that people tell themselves each night they lay their head down, and each morning when they start their days.  Human nature causes us to be very insecure and full of self doubt.  We constantly talk ourselves out of things instead of jumping into an adventure that can be a step closer to a life you want to live.  It is sad to me how we all have certain standards, and ways of thinking that have been etched in our brains.  We don't love who we are and how God made us.  We constantly compare ourselves to others, and become envious of those who do love themselves enough that they know they deserve to be happy.  Loving yourself is knowing you are here for a purpose and you deserve to find what that is.  You must love and respect who you are and others will follow.  You have to be a leader and set an example.  Others will in turn love you as a reflection of how you treat yourself.  

When did you discover your love for art?

I have loved creating since I was a child.  It was something fun to do.  In preschool I painted all day at the easel while other kids switch from one activity to the next.  I began to enter some contests growing up. Winning some awards I think encouraged me.  It felt good to be noticed and praised for something that I did exceptionally.  In high school I took classes at the KCAI.  My dad gave me my first painters box, filled with oil paints.  It was so wonderful, that I can remember the smell of those oils and it takes me back to the days of first learning the medium.  I went on to college, learning to work in all kinds of mediums.  I began to find myself and what I wanted to create.  I learned that my heart could speak through my work with out ever having to open my mouth.  It was very therapeutic for me.  After college I began to explore a career in art.  It wasn't until years later of hard work that I began making an income with my work.  To this day I think what I fall in love with most about my art is the way it makes me feel, and in turn how it can make others feel.  These moments and interactions with my audience is priceless.  Pieces of me extend to others, and in some small way I hope that I can make their day a little brighter, and feel less alone in this big big world!

What inspires you?

EVERYTHING!  LIFE!  My faith motivates me through my work.  Life is the content that fulfills my canvas.  Each piece tells a little story that I feel in some way there is a person out there that needs to "hear" it.  I paint because it feels good.  No matter what mood I am in, there is always a purpose to create.  Ups and downs is what motivates me.  Life is not always easy.  The tough times make a great story to tell when faith gets you through.  Through it all you learn to love other, love yourself, and be thankful for everything that you have.  

In what way do you spread the message of radical self love?

Simply, I don't think that art has to be "shocking", "political", or controversial to make an impact.  All of those things are in our faces on the news and in the newspapers, spread across the internet, and on our Facebook pages.  It is impossible to get away from.  For me I like to paint pieces of happiness, hope, and love.  People don't hear someone say nice things enough, and they aren't saying these things when they look in the mirror either.  I think everyone needs encouragement knowing that whatever they are going through is temporary.  "This too shall pass".  We never know what each day will bring us.  But, if we know we are not alone it somehow helps us get through another day.  I hope that my works sends out these messages of learning to love yourself and others.  I hope that my paintings simply put a smile on your face when it might seem impossible to. 


Lyrics, music, and poetry inspire me.  I write my own poetry almost thinking about it as if I am writing lyrics.  Here is one I can share….


She closed her eyes to open her heart.  
All of the labels she put out of her mind.  
She took her life to a place she never imagined.  
And she found one strength to mend her broken wings.  
Come fly with me.  
Rise above it all.  
She stood alone waiting.  
She knew the others would see... how much better life could be.  

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