Friday, April 6, 2012

32 Things Before I Turn 32 on March 29th 2013

Ok, here's my 32 Things list! I'm pretty excited about all the writing projects that I have on here. I will make more of an effort to post updates this year as I check things off the list!

  1. Participate in Nano Write Month
  2. Enter Hay House Fiction Writing Contest
  3. Read the entire Xanth series by Piers Anthony
  4. Dye lavender streaks in my hair
  5. Attend a service at Unity
  6. Meet Kris Carr
  7. Walk the Labyrinth
  8. Be Financially Independent
  9. Laugh 30 Times a Day
  10. Get over 300 followers for ALL my blogs
  11. Get at least one article a month published in another blog or magazine
  12. Meet Amber Shea from Almost Vegan
  13. Attend the Expect Miracles workshop at Kripalu in July
  14. Listen to all of Gabby's lectures
  15. Read 100 books
  16. Get my Etsy shop Beegan Bakeries up and running
  17. Meet my soul sister Shelia from Ohio
  18. Attend Laughter Yoga
  19. Heal Congestive Heart Failure
  20. Confirm my cancer is in remission
  21. Watch the series finale of Chuck
  22. Finish season five of Merlin
  23. Write 52 new poems
  24. Publish an e-book
  25. Create a painting
  26. Meet the Spirit Junkie sisters I haven't met yet
  27. Do a Julie/Julia project with Spork Fed cookbook
  28. Make a peach pie from Isa Moskowitz's Pie in the Sky book
  29. Move into the basement apartment at my Dad's house
  30. Make at least one recipe a month from Pinterest
  31. Do Goddess Leone's Business e-course
  32. Read Danielle La Porte's "The Spark Kit" and "Firestarter Sessions"


  1. Good luck with your list :) You can do it!

  2. That is one ambitious list! Regarding point 11: would you like to do a guest post for me? :o)


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