Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 Intentions and 21 Day Adventure Cleanse

I've read several articles debating on the importance of New Year's Resolutions.  This year I've put together a list of "intentions" for the year, things that I feel are doable and will help my continued growth.

  • I intend to create a daily practice of yoga, meditation and journaling
  • I intend to drink at least one Green Smoothie daily
  • I intend to do 35 minutes or more of cardio exercise at least 4 times a week, this includes dog walking, rebounder, etc. 
  • I intend to focus on growing my blog this year, including number of followers, investing in SEO program, creating regular posts and updating the look
  • I intend to write and publish my first book
  • I intend to focus on my Spiritual practice, which could include taking classes at the Rime  Buddhist Center, increasing my meditation practice, Spiritual reading, prayer, and creating my own Sacred Space.
  • I intend to start the year with a 21 Day Adventure Cleanse, and do mini-cleanses throughout the year
  • I intend to continue to build and grow my friendships and schedule at least one social outing each week
  • I intend to attend a Vipssanna meditation retreat as part of my healing and Spiritual growth
  • I intend to take a vacation this year, location TBA

Yesterday I started my 21 Day Adventure Cleanse.  Unlike a lot of cleanses, you are encouraged to eat as much as needed to be satisfied, as long as the meals fit the parameter of the diet.  I am abstaining from all coffee, gluten, animal products, and sugar.  The focus is on fresh vegetables and fruits, either raw or steamed, nuts and seeds, rice, and healthy grains.  The cleanse also encourages daily exercise, meditation, and the utilization of detox tools such as the Neti Pot and Dry Skin Brushing.  Once a week there is a fast, only fresh juice, smoothies and tea.  This day of rest allows the body to really eliminate toxins.  I have been journaling my experience and will post recipes and my progress as I continue through the 21 Days.

What are your Intentions for 2011? 


  1. The 21 day cleanse sounds very interesting. Looking forward to reading about your experience and recipes. Also very cute outfits :-)

  2. I agree... the cleanse sounds like a good thing. Keep us posted - and maybe where you found it? Or did I miss that in a previous post??

  3. The cleanse comes from Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Diet book that I talked about here: http://existingstricky.blogspot.com/2010/12/crazy-sexy-diet.html

    Thanks Dee-Dee! I did some shopping this weekend :)

  4. Sounds like a great well rounded cleanse...I will be rooting for you!
    By the way did Triton take that picture, who knew he was so good with a camera (o:


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