Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Why Vipassana Meditation Made It On My 2011 Intentions

What frightens you? What are you hiding from? How well do you really know you? Vipssana is a 10 day meditation retreat that consists of Eat, Sleep, Meditate and Poo, according to a blog post I recently read on Elephant.  Basically, you take a vow of silence, and do virtually nothing but meditate from 4:30am-9:30pm during your 10 day experience. No cell phones, laptops, CD players, TV's, books, or journals. You come with comfortable clothing and basic personal care items, and that's it. Simple vegetarian meals are served at breakfast and lunch, and dinner is optional. Most people just drink tea.  Part of your time is spent alone, meditating in your cell, while the rest is with a group, lead by a teacher. 10 days without speaking to another human being and not being allowed to do anything but sit with your own thoughts, how could you not get to the deepest darkest parts of yourself? 

I am equally fascinated and terrified by this concept.  I meditate daily....for 15 minutes to a guided meditation CD.  Yikes! However, I'm a big fan of facing one's fears, and really getting to the heart of the matter.  I truly feel this is an important step in healing myself.  Vipssana may seem extreme to some, but living in silence, no distractions, and just being, there would be no where to hide and release would be imminent.

I'm looking at a program in Oregon that starts June 1st.  Why Oregon? So I can spend a few extra days before or after the retreat swimming in the ocean, playing on the Sand Dunes and gorging on kick ass vegan fare in Portland.

Do you Meditate? Would you be open to attending a Vipssana retreat? Are you interested in taking some vacation time in June and traveling to Oregon with me? 



  1. It would certainly be a unique experience!
    4:30 AM???

  2. Good luck with that! No books or journals? Not a chance. :)

  3. I was surprised by the zero tolerance on books and journals, but apparently you are supposedly to have no distractions, and simply be in the present during the entire retreat. It will certainly be a unique experience!

  4. I have done one in New Zealand. Its was long et very very hard but I am now very happy to have took the time to do it.
    Some day I was depressed as I have never been before and because you cant communicate with anybody you feel like you are the only personn for who its hard. After the 10 days you discover that you were not the only person in this case.
    I have learnt a lot about me in these ten days, more than during my all life. I am now praticing everyday for 30 - 60 mins and I can say thats help me a lot in my life....hope that you will enjoy your experience ;)

  5. Vipassana meditation is something very good which help us be mindful all day. I met a guru who practice for over 30years, he is Venerable Vimokkha and did share his teaching in MP3 files in my blog. His teaching is recorded during our Vipassana meditation retreat. Feel free download it for free at:


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