Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Intentions

It's that time of year again and I've got some fantastic Intentions set. This week I plan on getting my new Vision Board together and putting together a schedule to keep me on track. I'm really excited about some of the things I have lined up and in continuing some of my Intentions from last year. This year will be about healing and growing. 

  1. Make a Plan and Stick With It. I have a plan, and I keep making plans, but then somehow I never get them fully implemented. My goal is to focus on Green Smoothies, Enemas and my Supplements, and continue to add in other aspects of my plan as I create my schedule. This will be a year of healing. I also have some cleanses planned as well. 
  2. Get Physical. This is something that I struggled with last year, mostly due to my heart. And while that is still an issue, I believe that I am at a point where gentle exercise can be added. I got a new yoga mat and DVD for Christmas, and so that's where I will start. 
  3. Read, read, read. You may have noticed that I joined several reading challenges this year. I used to have a book attached to my hip; I read daily, at dinner, in the evening, doctor's office's, wherever I could. Last year my brain developed a bit of a fog, and I had a hard time focusing on reading. This has improved, and I've already read one book for 2012! My goal is at least 52, a book a week, and the reading challenges will keep me motivated and give me variety. 
  4. Write Daily. I will schedule daily writing sessions, whether it's working on my book, my blog, etc. I will write for at least 2 hours daily. 
  5. Publish My First Book. I have 100,000 words ready to be edited and turned into a fabulous book on the early years through 2011 of my healing journey. I have purchased a great program to help me in this endevour and fully intend to have a book deal by year's end. 
  6. Grow my Blog. By year's end I intend to have over 250 followers, at least 100 on Facebook, steady traffic, etc. You can help me with this by becoming a follower, retweeting posts, liking posts on Facebook and joining my Facebook community. 
  7. Meditation and Visualization. These two tools are so important in healing the mind and the body. I have done visualization exercises that have shrunk tumors and healed wounds on my body. There is no excuse not to continue to do this. Meditation is a great tool for creating balance and peace. 
  8. Spiritual Growth. I wish to continue on my Spirit Junkie path; I will be re-reading Gabby Bernstein's book, posting about it, and completing the exercises. I also plan on diving into a Course of Miracles, and have already discovered a weekly study group and online social network. I will incorporate prayer into my life and learn to "let go and let God". We are Spiritual beings living in a physical body, and it's time I gave some love to my ~ing. 
  9. Travel. My health prevents me from doing anything too wild, but I do still want to travel. One of my 31 Things is to have a Missouri weekend, and I intend to make that happen. I also will do some weekend trips to Columbia to visit friends and am looking into possibly going out to North Carolina and spending time with my grandparents. As I heal, I will expand my possibilities. 
  10. Friendships. I really want to focus on developing the friendships I have, and growing new ones. It seems like each year I have people come and go, and so working on those relationships and continuing to put myself out there and create new ones is so important. My friends are what got me through my health battle this past summer, and I want to make sure I keep them!
  11. Give up TV. My Time Warner account renews in May, and I'm seriously thinking of giving up  TV.  I only have 5 shows that I watch, 2 of which are ending this season. Anything worth watching I can either Netflix at some point or watch online. I find that TV is just a distraction and I really don't care anymore. There is so much more out there, and why spend $60 on cable per month when I can increase my Netflix and spend $10 or less. 
  12. Learn to Knit. This has been on my 31 Things for awhile, and I actually took a class and never got a project started. So something at the first of the year I'm going to either retake the class or simply go to this wonderful local knitting store and get some help. I found an extremely simple scarf pattern for an easy first project, and intend to grow as a knitter. There is also a weekly Meetup group for young knitters, and I think it would simply be a great hobby. 
So there you go. What will your 2012 Intentions be? 


  1. I fully support any and all visits to Columbia! :) Also, I'm thinking of you and praying for you daily (increasing prayer and meditation is one of my new year goals). Much love!

  2. Great intentions! What DVD did you end up getting?
    I need to post my intentions, for sure. I'm definitely in tune with Gabby's books -- on Chapter 12 of the ~ing book and will do Spirit Junkie (like the ~ing equation) beginning in February.


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