Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Intention Letter

My mother is a healer and an expert on the law of attraction and achieving miracles. She has a weekly newsletter that discusses anything from Reiki to Angel therapy, and lessons from the Universe. This week's newsletter had an amazing suggestion on manifesting your 2012 goals. 

Pretend that it is the end of the year and you are writing a Christmas letter telling your friends about all the wonderful things that have happened in your life that year....make sure you include how to FELT when they happned. Get into that exquisite place of pretend....allow your heart to lead you into that feeling place beyond judgement, doubt or fear. Always state your intentions in a positive "feel good" manner. Some example statements might be, so many wonderful things have happened to me this year: I lost all that excess weight and now I am at my best weight ever! My wedding was even more perfect and beautiful that I ever imagined it could be! I have the best relationship ever with a partner who is beyond my wildest dreams' I am having so much fun making more money than I could ever spend! you get the idea...Once you have written your "intention letter" post copies in places where you will be sure to see them to remind you of what your are creating...always get into that feeling place when you read them. 

To learn more about my Mom, Rhonda and Awakening Wellness and to sign up for her newsletter, check out her website: http://www.awakening2wellness.com. 

Ok, so here is my "intention letter." I'd love to see what you do as well!

Dear Friends,

2012 has been the most incredible year of my experience. I have done superb on my 2012 intentions; I feel great, my career has just grown, I've gained a brand new family; life is good.

My blogs have all reached over 300 followers, and more than that on Facebook. Collectively I receive over 30,000 hits a day. I have so many review requests that I'm barely able to keep up. I've been making the most incredible vegan dishes and throwing taste testing parties; they are a big hit. I recently started an Etsy page and have been selling baked goods and some knitting projects. Yes, I learned to knit and what fun! I'm part of a weekly stitch 'n' bitch group, have made several scarfs a super awesome hat and have several other projects in the works.  Next stop: learn to crochet.

Yoga has given me so much; not only can I touch my toes (ha!) but it's just opened so many doorways spiritually and physically for me. I feel incredible and have an amazing amount of energy. My tumors are no longer visible (woot!) and the sores have healed on my legs. My fluid issue from last year is gone; and so therefore I am a fashion diva again! My hair has grown thick and silky, and yes, I dyed it purple this summer.  My parents freaked, but I loved it. 

I've read more than my 52 books, including a good portion of A Course in Miracles. What an amazing journey that has been. I have an incredible group of friends and my social life is "off the hook" as they say. This past fall I finally went on that Missouri trip with some of my gal pals and what fun it was! So many things that I had no idea about.

The highlight is still my summer weekend in Kripalu. I attended Gabby's Loveatarian workshop and; moved, just moved. I am forever changed. And the relationships; forever baby.

All in all, life is incredible. I'm healthy, I have a great living situation and a new family due to my father's new wife, a job I love, and what better way to spend your free time than with a good book?

I hope your year has been as generous to you as mine.

Much Love,



  1. What a lovely letter, may all your intentions come true!

  2. Shanna, I loved your letter. Can't wait to do this and I am definitely going to sign up for your mother's newsletter. I have level 1 Reiki and am a Certified Angel Practitioner (as well as a registered psychologist). Your mom sounds so interesting.
    Cancer Warrior


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