Thursday, January 12, 2012

10 Day Lifestyle Cleanse: Day 2

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Pictured is my Raw Food World order, which arrived in perfect time for this cleanse. I got three different raw cereals, and several raw snacks. Delicious.

Day 2 started at 9am with peanut butter waffles. I realize I haven't been extremely specific about the food aspect of this program, but mostly I want to eat healthy, cut the junk, and focus on detoxing, exercise, self-growth and Spirituality. Anyway, I had breakfast, then brushed my teeth, did my skin brushing while telling my body how much I loved it and took a shower. Then I headed to Coffee Girls for some fresh veggie juice and egg souffle. 

The first time I went I really didn't care for it, but Trader Joe's has grown on me. Today was my best visit yet, as I was able to get 85% of my grocery shopping there, and at a considerably cheaper rate than Whole Foods. I picked up a ton of greens of all kinds; arugula, red leaf lettuce, mixed greens, spinach, romaine, endive, etc. I bought more almonds for making almond milk and several other items. Then I headed to Whole Foods for the rest. I purchased some deliciousness from their market, so I'll have some pre-made meals. I also have a recipe for a green chili, so making that this week. 

I crashed when I got home (didn't sleep very well the night before) and slept until about 7:30. I got up, picked out some books, did some work on The Reinvention Project, a 30 day program for self-growth. More on that later. Then I warmed up some delicious quinoa patties and roasted root veggies from Whole Foods.

I started "Enchanted Love: The Power of Intimate Relationships" by Marianne Williamson while I ate dinner. Really enjoying it so far. So many non-fiction books are dry, but this is almost like a fairytale, beautifully written. I picked out my next set of books as well. 

After dinner, I spent time writing and work on blog design, than crashed around 11:30pm. 

I did some things, and not others today. Day 3 I intend to kick back, made a smoothie, do a coffee enema, oatmeal bath, lots of reading, start on my Goddess workbook and Vision Board, and meditate. Of course I'm going to eat some good stuff. I have a recipe for a kale, avocado, red pepper, tomato and something salad I'll make for lunch. I'm probably going to make my simple gluten free pasta recipe for dinner since the basil has been hanging out for awhile. 

My Beautiful flowers from Trader Joe's! Goodnight! See you for Day 3. 


  1. Love reading your blog. You have really motivated me to kick my healthy habits up a notch! Just got back from veggie shopping, and even bought lentils....what the heck do I do with lentils anyway???
    Cancer Warrior

  2. Sounds like you had a great day and I love the flowers!
    I got some 2 weeks ago that are still beautiful and drinking water as I give them a little Reiki to keep them going. :)


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