Tuesday, January 24, 2012

23 Ways to Love Your Body

Get a dry skin brush and brush the dry skin off every day before your shower. As you go over your skin, tell each body part how much you love it, "I love you toes, I love you knees, I love you thighs, I love you shoulders,"

Drink a quart of green smoothie or green juice daily to give you body the nutrients it needs

Close your eyes and visualize yourself surrounded by love. Go inside and thank each cell, each organ, for functioning properly, and send it love


Take B12 and Vitamin D supplements to stay healthy

Keep your colon cleanse with enemas; coffee enemas will detox the liver. 

Coat your body with coconut oil after getting out of the shower

Make a spa day and give yourself a facial, get one of those kits for your feet and show your feet some love. Relax in a nice oatmeal bath and sprinkle some lavender essential oil in. 

Love your flaws

Each scar has a story, don't be ashamed of them, send them love


Spend time in the sun

Wear organic clothing

Listen to your body when it tells you it hurts



Do yoga


Hug yourself

Look at yourself naked in the mirror and appreciate everything

Get a crazy hairdo

Use quality makeup or go naked, same for other beauty and soap products

Smile often and laugh even more


  1. The photo in black in white, "I am beautiful" is my photo. Please put credit for it.


  2. some days i hate my body and I've hurt it before. trust me, everybody is beautiful no matter what!! don't ever change for anyone~cuz everyone's unique and amazing just the way they are! love your body =D


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