Monday, January 23, 2012

31 Things #23: Write Myself a Love Letter

Dear Shanna,

You are a beautiful star in this world. Your potential shines bright, and your heart is full of love. I love you. You are my soul, my one and only. We belong together in harmony. I love your/my body, the swing of our hips, our lips, the color of our hair. We are beautiful. We/I am lovely and worthy of love. A beautiful spirit is lifting me. This is the year to heal, to get down with my Spiritual self, get back into my hobbies and spend time with my friends. I am loving that I have started back on my path; coffee enemas, smoothies, and my new Radical Self Love Meetup. I love my laughter, every scar on my body, the beating of my heart. I love my creativity, my ability to read quickly, and my writing. I love me, every cell, every heartbeat, every moment in time, I am loved. I love that I am open to new opportunities and I'm not afraid to go for it. I love that I'm a leader, and a listener, and a good friend. I love myself unconditionally.  



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