Monday, September 12, 2011

Guest Post: Rhonda of Awakening Wellness on Activating Your Joy Center

Today's guest is also my wonderful mother. Today she is going to share how to activate the joy center in our lives. Check it out, and don't forget to comment and let us know how you do!

The last few weeks have been tumultuous ones for me as I have been in the midst of a family crisis. In addition I know of several other families that are having their own personal crisis. I believe that the energies that are increasing almost daily now, are bringing the past into the present to be dealt with once and for all.  This could easily turn any situation into a crisis as events we have pushed down into a dark corner are coming out into the light where we can no longer avoid them. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself faced with problems from an unresolved relationship, or the emotional cause of a health issue, or any other fear and unpleasantness you thought you had left behind you. The time has come to stand up to your fears, stare them in the face and announce You No Longer Have Any Power Over Me! Fear like most bullies, will retreat once you stand up to it. Even if everything is wonderful in your life right now (and I sincerely hope it is) most of us can’t help but be effected by all the increasing chaos going on in the world. The vibration of fear is very strong right now and all this fear is making people angry. What we need is to find and anchor in our inner Joy and share the vibration of joy NOT anger with the world. I recently heard through a channeled message of a simple exercise for activating the Joy Center in the brain, and now I am passing that message on to you.
Activate your center of joy…

*First release any guilt
about feeling joyful when the world is in chaos (sadness and anger worsens the condition-Joy shifts it for the better)
*Ask for help
from your angels, your guides, and your soul.
the ‘center of joy’ there is an actual, physical Joy spot located close to the center of the brain about 2/3 of the way back from the forehead.
*Imagine flooding your brain with the exhilarating energy of lemon yellow light.
the yellow light to tickle all your joy receptors. Imagine the light goes like a magnet straight to your joy center (whether you know exactly where it is or not- the light knows!)
yourself to breathe freely and deeply as you imagine this lemon yellow light Absorbing, Amplifying and then Broadcasting Joy through out your Whole Being.

If you haven’t felt joy in a while, it may take a bit of practice and continued effort to get your joy flowing. Say out loud…I allow joy! I deserve joy! I am joyful!

As you focus on feeling joyful, your vibration will be sending out a crystal clear message that will attract more joy into your life.

Whenever fearful situations come up remember that the vibrations of joy and fear cannot exist at the same time so you have a choice, continue to focus on the fear and bring more fearful situations to you, or focus on joy and attract more joyful things…

Fear or Joy, the choice is yours. 

Rhonda Sandmoen an energy healer in the Kansas City, MO metropolitan area, offers the Oneness Blessing, EFT sessions, Reconnection sessions, and Intuitive Vibrational Therapy sessions that are personalized with a blend of vibrational energies (Fifth Dimensional Healing, Tuning Fork Sound Therapy, Reiki and more) that bring you relief from stress, pain, fatigue, and illness, and facilitate your highest healing. She also offers distance sessions for you and your pets! Go to her website Awakening Wellness to schedule an appointment or sign up for one of her classes.


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