Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Beautiful Sculpture Donated to Shanna's Healing Fund

Friday night my Dad and I went down to the new City Arts Project at 20th and Campbell to check out a sculpture a local artist donated to my healing fund. We met up with my friend Jocelyn and admired the beautiful creation before us. The artist is a cancer survivor himself, and decided to donate this piece for me. He actually had another piece in mind, but I guess something happened with it, so he made this. He ended up bringing both, and it was a wonderful display. I am so grateful for this beautiful gift! Please, if you know any art buyers looking to add to their collection, let them know about this sculpture.

The original sculpture

Me with the artist Bill

After the show my Dad, Jocelyn and I head to the Bluebird Bistro for some deliciousness. Sadly, I completely spaced on taking pictures. The restaurant is located at 17th and Summit and serves local and organic fare, with several vegetarian and vegan options. I HIGHLY recommend the Vegan Orange Cake w/Chocolate Ganache. BEST CAKE EVER! 

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  1. I was at the City Arts Project and the statue caught my attention right away...I thought it was gorgeous!


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