Friday, October 22, 2010

Love and Gratitude Friday's: YOU!!

I am grateful for all the wonderful people who have supported my blog project, my followers, commenter's, my Mom, the lovely and wonderful Laura L who is currently working on upgrading my design and everyone who has approached me with their positive thoughts

 Also a good read? Shanna's latest blog post. Our friend is an excellent inspirational writer! Who knew? ;)
 In that note, I would like to share that Shanna, I am so proud and happy that a little over 5 years ago, you chose LIFE over what most would consider a death certainty. You have really re-imagined yourself and are a true inspiration. Keep up the amazing work. You have chosen to use your cancer as a gift, to realise how precious life is and to share your knowledge with others. I love you!!!

I am also grateful to Shirley Twofeathers for creating such a wonderful Reiki experience, and hosting monthly workshops. She's truly an inspiration.  I am grateful for Linda Bradbury being such a gracious host for the classes, and all her wonderful insight.

I am grateful to Gala Darling, for her wonderfully inspiring posts each day, and the gorgeously written Love and Sequins, which I'm just delving into. Such a lovely blogger!

Things I Love

funky tights ♥ doggie snoring ♥ tooth soap ♥ new lipstick ♥ Cold War Kids ♥ dreaming Twitter ♥ flirting ♥ new book Glimmerglass gorgeous coverart ♥ lilies ♥ Her Future ♥ clean floors ♥ discovering new blogs ♥ How I Met Your Mother ♥ jumping on acorns and hearing that crunch ♥ namaste yoga ♥ creating love lists ♥ new experiences ♥ walking to work ♥ fall sweaters ♥ peep toe heels ♥ La Roux CD ♥ watching Buffy Halloween episodes ♥ pumpkin carving ♥ chai tea ♥ Indian leftovers ♥ creating my Vision Book ♥ secretly blessing strangers ♥ The Daily Love ♥ Mary Magdelene ♥mascara ♥Eden's Alley ♥ rose petals ♥ basking in the sunshine ♥

Love and Gratitude,

Shanna ♥


  1. I am grateful for you and your inspiring messages! :)

  2. I love and appreciate you - and am grateful for your lovely weekly reminders to be grateful - and for all the positive healing messages and information you post here! Existing is Tricky - and it can be fun and good too!


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