Thursday, October 21, 2010

30 New Things Before I Turn 30 on March 29th!

I've been following this lovely blog called Yes and Yes, and blog owner Sarah Vonbargen has this wonderful concept; to experience a certain number of new things before your next birthday. She's turning 32 this year, so she has 32 items on her list, one of her followers is turning 20, so she's posted 20 new items, and so I'm doing 30 in honor of my 30th birthday. I realize at this point I don't actually have a year, more like 5 months, but I feel I can do this and it sounds fun! Here's my list:

1. Learn to Knit; complete at least one project
2. Write my first e-book
3. Watch "Gone With the Wind"
4. Achieve Giant Squid status on Squidoo
5. Attend a service at Rime Buddhist center
6. Learn to make tiramisu
7. Take 5th Dimensional healing class
8. Attend an Opera
9. Create my Vision Book
10. Complete a jigsaw puzzle on my own
11. Convert our family videos from VHS to DVD
12. Schedule myself a Spa Day
13. Go to a Shooting Range
14. Go to the roller derby
15. Attend a hockey game
16. Read "To Kill a Mockingbird"
17. Meditate daily
18. Go on a Missouri weekend and see all historical landmarks
19. Send snail mail love letters to at least 10 friends/family
20. Clear out basement
21. Try Kimichi
22. Get a psychic reading
23. Buy lunch for a homeless person
24. Reconnect with my cousins Alex and Sloane
25. Watch the "Godfather" trilogy
26. Read "Siddhartha"
27. Find a mustard greens recipe I love
28. Write at least 5 letters to people who inspire me, who I don't know personally
29. Read Gala Darlings e-book "Love and Sequins"
30. Throw a slumber party (as an adult)

What are you going to experience before your birthday? Any suggestions to help me reach my goals? I am going to post them on the side of my blog, and update my progress as we approach my birthday. Post your list here and let me know how it goes!

Love and Gratitude,

Shanna ♥


  1. Ummm... I think I'm too close now to do much on my list. I was hoping to have graduated before 30. Now I'm shooting for before 31. :)

  2. Yay, you'll be 30 in a little over a week! You'll just have to make a list then :)

  3. My husband has written a few e-books (language and linguistics). He said it was a surprisingly technical process. I think he compiled all of his information into a webpage for himself for future reference. I'll see if I can get the URL for you. It might save you some frustration from having to figure it all out on your own.

    As for the shooting range, I haven't gone in KC but I've been a few times in LA and I highly recommend it. Do NOT take off the ear protection they give you, even if it's pinching your head or you need to adjust it unless you leave the range floor first. It is loud! Much louder than you might imagine. It's also surprising hard to keep your eyes open the first few times you pull the trigger. Of course, your aim will get much better once you do keep your eyes open.

  4. Thank you so much Jessica!!! I appreciate the wonderful tips! :)

  5. Yay! You're going to have so much fun - can't wait to read all about it!

  6. What a great list! Gone With the Wind is my favorite movie :)
    I learned to knit from Lion Brand Yarn's website. I printed out instructions but it looks like they've beefed it up a bit. Plus they have lots of easy projects, here's the link:
    And I've got to ask, why Mustard Greens?

  7. Ooo, I will definately check out that knitting site, thanks! I picked Mustard Greens mainly because I think they are really bitter and I have a hard time eating them. I've found recipes I enjoy for most of the rest, including Arugula which bothered me for awhile, but alas, mustard greens are tricky. But I'm determined :)


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