Friday, September 24, 2010

Love and Gratitude Friday's

I LOVE winning contests!!! I entered a drawing for this fab new Pride and Prejudice variation story and I WON!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!! I cannot wait to read it.  This story puts Darcy and Elizabeth at sea, en route to America, where they meet and fall in love.  Should be a fun read.

Udi's Gluten free products are extremely delicious!! Especially the double chocolate chip muffins, OMG!! I've heard excellent things about the granola and have been eyeing the Cinnamon rolls for eons now.  Highly recommend for those watching their gluten intake.

Just got back into Yoga and LOVE IT!! The fitness channel has a great program called Namaste Yoga, which airs a few times a day.  I have several episodes recorded, and it's absolutely brilliant!  I love how centered I feel, the amazing stretch, and cleansing of the chakras.  So beautiful, and you don't have to leave home to do it!

Sexy vampires, teen angst, witches, werewolves, and school carnivals, it can only be The Vampire Diaries.  Love this show, pure popcorn fun.  And Damon Salvatore, seriously, if you are going to crush on a vampire, he better be really badass, a little bit scary and a whole lot of dreamy. 

Love this concept!  New Moon Abundance Checks, a great way to increase abundance in your life, just ask Jim Carey!! This month is the first month I've done this, and I won a free book, ended up with more cash than I budgeted for and it's only two weeks in.  The next new moon is two weeks away, don't forget!! And if you really want to empower your abundance check, be sure to do the 30-Day Prosperity Affirmation along with it!

Love this new song by Sara Bareilles!! Can't wait to pick up the new album!

I am grateful for all of my beautiful followers, Ladies Date Night at Eden's Alley tonight, the library for providing so many wonderful books to read and CD's to burn, Chris Beat Cancer for being such an inspiration, new friendships, this gorgeous weather, Fitness television for providing yoga programs, my wonderful job at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, comfy shoes, ant traps, my rebounder, the trash service, indoor plumbing, and fine jewelry for nights out on the town

What's on your Love List?  What are you Grateful for?


  1. I love this beautiful fall weather, getting unexpected payment from squidoo, books, the library, netflix, toothsoap, writing lenses, good friends, Chuck is back, and new clients that pay for several sessions in advance!

  2. Ooooh I love P&P variations too...let me know how it is!!
    PS: I love that you do this...the gratitude list that is :)

  3. I love historical fiction!!! The rain, writing, singing, dancing, a crisp fall morning, going to sleep on a fall night listening to the wind. So many things!!! What a splendid idea, having people say what they are grateful for... makes a person happy :)


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