Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Eat Pray Love: Take Your Own Spiritual Journey

Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert has had a resurgence of popularity recently due to the release of the Julia Robert's movie based on the book.  This wonderful story is Ms. Gilbert's Spiritual Awakening, her journey to self.  She takes a year and travels to Italy, India and Indonesia, learning important lessons about herself and life on the way.  Elizabeth experiences self confidence and sensuality through her exploration of food.  She meets many supportive friends, learns to forgive, meditate, and the important of supporting others.  She learns to love herself, and in doing so, is able to share her love with another.  An inspiring story, I highly recommend it.  After watching the movie, I started to wonder, "what would my Spiritual adventure entail?"  Of course, life lessons can be learned in any environment, but if given the opportunity to take a year off, where would I go? 

1. Greece.  This beautiful country has always intrigued me.  As a child I loved Greek Mythology and find the history of the country fascinating.  While not vegetarians, the Greek's diet is very vegetarian friendly, providing great dining options.  The country is situated on the ocean, with gorgeous beaches and cliff sides.  I can see myself strolling on the beach, baklava in hand, looking up at the cliff side dwellings.  This would be the beginning of my journey.

2. China. I've been fascinated with Buddhism as of late and China is rich with Buddhist culture.  I would love the opportunity to stay in a temple and learn from the masters.  China is also rich with the arts, mountains and valleys, and incredibly diverse people. 

3. New Zealand.  I've wanted to visit New Zealand for a long time now.  I've had a book idea ticking around the back of my head based in New Zealand; going there would make it a reality.  My dream would be to swim with the Dolphins, what an incredible adventure!  Talk about Spiritual Awakening, dolphins are such open and intuitive creatures, we have much to learn from them.  This country is stunning, friendly, and I imagine somewhere with a lot of great food options.  The perfect ending to my Eat Love Pray adventure.

Where would you go on your Spiritual Adventure?


  1. You picked some great places to go! I also would like to go to Greece, and Ireland and Italy, quite a few other places come to mind but those are my top 3.

  2. I love that journey!

    Let me see... where would I go? India I think, and Ireland, New Zealand is definitely on my list and so is Morocco. Spain - I'd love to watch the bull run... and of course Chile and Fiji... so many places....

  3. Great places! I read an article in a newspaper when this movie came out that talked about how many people have visited the same places she did out of hopes to become enlightened. I found that strange and said to myself, "people need to find their own paths, not copy someone else's." I'd pick Italy (I'm half Italian), Germany (Other half German haha), and China.


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