Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bounce Your Way To Fantastic Health!

I made a promise to myself this month that I would spend at least 10 minutes each day on my rebounder (mini-trampoline).  The rebounder is a great tool for exercise, creating balance, and it's fun!  Bouncing on the rebounder moves the lymphatic system, the only system in our bodies that does not have it's own pump.  When the lymphatic system becomes stagnant, it can create a slew of health issues.  Rebounding is also one of the most oxygen efficient exercises and it's low impact, so the likelihood of being injured is rare, compared to other forms of exercise.  The rebounder is great for everyone, but especially those fighting disease.  A lot of times disease can create fatigue, making exercise difficult or even painful.  With the rebounder, you can still get many of the same benefits simply by walking slowly or bouncing lightly in place.  This still moves the lymph and improves oxygen flow.  Over time, doing this at least 10 minutes each day, you will notice more energy, strength, endurance, and feelings of joy.  The rebounder has been proven to aid people with depression, because it gets the endorphins flowing and reduces stress.  The rebounder also increases the metabolism and is a great tool for reducing cellulite. 

Check out some of these great articles for more information on rebounding and where to order:
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You can do this while watching TV or listening to music.  I also recommend doing it with your affirmations.  It's so empowering to shout out your daily affirmations, "I am worthy", "I am love", "I am healthy" "I am beautiful".  Try it out and let me know what you think!  Do you rebound?


  1. I love bouncing on my rebounder! Sometimes I do it while watching TV and other times I put on music and dance away on it. You would be amazed how quickly it reduces stomach fat!

  2. I got a rebounder in April and have been on it every day now, with out month of Balanc~ing and I could feel it everywhere! it's probably the most fun workout I've ever done. And I get bored easy, so that says a lot that I've stuck with it this long. Fun video :)


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