Thursday, September 23, 2010

Balancing the Mind

This month I've been terribly out of balance.  Actually, if I'm really honest with myself, I've been out of balance for a long time.  I snapped a bit a few weeks ago, when I realized how caught up I was in The Attack of the Should's.  Since then I've done a lot of fictional reading, very little in the healing department, a tad bit of writing and pretty zero socially.  Monday, I woke up and decided, screw Facebook, Squidoo, Twitter, Blogging, Email, chores, etc., today I'm going to do all those things I desire, but never have the time for.  I started out with a killer Superfood Smoothie, did a Ho'oponono meditation, a prayer meditation I'd borrowed from my Mom in July, rebounder, practiced yoga for the first time in two years, got out my Oracle Cards, walked Triton, did a full body Reiki session on myself and set up a Girls Date Night.  Guess what?  I still had time to write, play on the Internet, watch TV, read and whatever else I might have wanted to do.  Which tells me that we are capable of accomplishing all the things we desire, we just have to prioritize and balance ourselves.

I've always been a pretty left brained person; I crave order, discipline, schedule, etc.  However, lately I've been more right brained, free wheeling, creative, no real order or schedule.  Balance is finding that middle ground.  I need some stable things in my life, but maybe i can be flexible in the when and how, or switch it up when creativity strikes or new opportunities come up.  This is something we could all benefit from. 

Meditation, yoga and rebounding are all great tools for balancing one's self.  Incorporating one or more into your day will help stabilize and balance you out.  When you get up in the morning, look in the mirror and say "I love myself and I am balanced."  You can also do affirmations while rebounding; it's powerful and fun! Balancing our energy is also extremely important.  If your energy meridians are crossed, it can throw you out of wack.  Check out Donna Eden's 5 Minute Energy Routine for balancing your energy. 

What do you do to regain Balance?

P.S. Cutting down on TV will free so much time, check out the No TV for 30 Days Challenge for tips on cutting back on your TV viewing.

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  1. The voices in my head are screaming for balance lately too! Balancing the left & right brain hemispheres and our male & female energies are so important now. Energy work and meditation are my biggest balancers and I do the 5 min energy routine too


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