Monday, August 9, 2010

No TV for 30 Days Challenge

Recently Crazy Sexy Cancer chic Kris Carr release a challenge based on a blog by Skinny Bitch Diva Rory Freeman Giving Up TV . While this may seem daunting to most people, I'd like you to take a moment and do a couple of things for yourself.

1. Add up all the hours you watch TV each week.  How many TV shows do you watch?  Do you watch the commercials?  News?  Random flipping?  Have a number yet? Good.
2. Take that number and divide by seven.  This will give you an average daily viewing time.
3. Now ad up how many hours you sleep, work and eat. Subtract this number from 24 and you'll get the number of hours on average you have each day to exercise, attend your kid's activities, socialize, read, enjoy a hobby, have some "me" time, etc.  Then take that "free time" number and subtract your daily TV viewage. Think about it, is this number "big enough" to fit all of the things you want to accomplish?  Do you feel like you "never have enough time" to do what you have to do?
4. First, things first, cut out the News.  This will create a HUGE opening for joy if you eliminate this one program.  The world will continue spinning, regardless of how many murders, rapes, wars and crisis are reported.  Mentally and emotionally, the News is draining, and shouldn't be a daily focus.  Also, reality shows are simply gossip mills.  Eliminate those life suckers.  Check out my blog post Peace, Love and Happiness for a refresher on how going on a Media diet and eliminating gossip can create Peace.
5. I want you to envision all the shows you watch, and recall how you feel during each broadcast.  Any of your scripted programs leave you feeling a little sick, frightened, angry, dirty, shameful, guilty, depressed, disgusted by the world? CUT THEM OUT!!!
6. What is your TV viewing number now?  Could you reduce it further?  Are there shows you watch out of habit, simply because you've watched all the seasons, but truly don't enjoy anymore?  Cut them. 

Look at all the free time you have now!! If you choose to continuing watching TV, focus on shows that inspire, make you laugh, are uplifting, bring you joy.  If you are interested in tackling the challenge, or maybe want to try cutting out TV for a day or a week, just to start, follow it on twitter #notvfor30days. 

Now, what to do with all the extra time....

Knit, crochet, Yoga, read to kids in the cancer ward at the hospital, meditate, read a book, join Meetup, start a blog, adopt a pet, Soduku, jigsaw puzzles, plant a garden, visit a museum, go to the park, attend the ballet, exercise, go camping, dance in your living room, take Tango lessons, learn something new, draw a self portrait, meet your Spirit Guides, journal, listen to podcasts, send letters to friends, become a Soldier penpal, volunteer at an orphanage, clean out the basement, learn Reiki, attend a spiritual service, create your own Vision Board, go to the Symphony, play with a child, visit your parents, write a poem, learn an instrument



  1. Years ago, when my kids were little, we turned the TV off and left it off for 3 years. The only exception was Friday nights when we'd have pizza, beer, and watch Friday Fright Night. Which, I'm sure was really "good" for them! LOL. I think what triggered it was a migraine headache colliding with Saturday morning cartoons...

    Lately, I've been contemplating how my life might change if I had 3 or 4 days a month with no TV, no internet, no computer, no cell phone, no electronics, no books, no magazines, no mindless distractions... just me and my "stuff."

  2. Wow! Yeah, I'm a TV addict and have been wondering for a while if they have AA for TV addicts. It's amazing to me that I don't watch the news or (much) reality TV and I don't have cable, yet I spend at least an hour if not two or three or four each night watching TV on DVD or netflix. Not to mention the stuff I listen to without watching.

    I have this page in a book called "Creative Sparks" that says "KILL YOUR TELEVISION" and I've seriously thought a number of times I need to do this!!!

  3. I save my TV watching for late at night when I have finished up everything else I want to do and just want a moment to relax. I never watch anything live so I don't have to deal with commercial brainwashing. Mainly I just watch things that are fun, if they aren't fun then what is the point!

  4. I don't know if I'm ready to give up TV completely, but I have eliminated it from the bedroom. I record TV shows on the DVR and try to only watch those shows and not channel surf. Small steps first.

  5. I don't really have a TV addiction, but that's less because I'm such a great person and more because I just don't have cable. I also don't have Netflix. The only TV I can watch is online, and I just haven't gotten into the habit of doing that.


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