Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Got Teeth?

Ok, so hopefully you have a shiny set of bright white teeth, but in reality I know most people have had to deal with cavities at some point in time.  Personally, I've never had a cavity and I'm almost 30 (alright, I know boo hiss!)  Seriously though, dental health affects us all, in more ways than people realize.  Studies have shown that a lot of diseases can start in the with infections in the gum/teeth area that go unnoticed.  A lot of the problems stem from mercury fillings that leak and poison the bloodstream.  Yes, it's all very scary, and I know most people already have nightmares about going to the dentist, but you CAN prevent these issues. 

Tooth Soap is an amazing product that not only cleans your teeth, but HEALS YOUR CAVITIES!!! Tooth Soap is a natural, non-toxic product, removes oils, residue and contaminants and promotes remineralization of your teeth. 

"You'll remember I sent you my first update when I first started using Tooth Soap®; well, here's my story, but first, some history ... Around October 2005 saw a dentist for a broken crown, also found out I had 4 cavities at about $185 each to repair. Since I was moving the next month, I would put that off until I got relocated and got some dental insurance. May 1, 2006, started Tooth Soap (peppermint) and I am two-thirds the way through the jar today as I am single at this time. Finally got around to making an appointment and January 25, 2007 was the earliest assessment date available. Could not believe my ears at the report. Waited to pass this on until today's cleaning confirmed that ... I HAVE NO CAVITIES, today, January 31, 2007!  What a nice birthday present from Tooth Soap! I was 54 this weekend, and now I have to figure out what to do with all the monies put aside in my FSA account so I don't lose them! What a problem to have! Thank God it's not my cavities!" — Tom C., Florida

There are many more review such as this one on the website.  My Mom, Dad, and Ryan all use this product and have mentioned that their gums are stronger, the sensitivity in their teeth has improved, breath is fresher and teeth feel cleaner.  Amazing! Check it out!!

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  1. Yep, that tooth soap is good stuff! The sensitivity in my teeth to cold went away quickly after starting the tooth soap. They say that all toothpaste (natural or not) contains glycerine and that coats your teeth and prevents remineralization. With tooth soap your teeth feel really clean and you can get the tooth swish to help with remineralization.


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