Monday, August 23, 2010

Healthy Eating Monday's: Green Smoothies

Last Monday's blog So You Want to Eat Healthier and Feel Better... discussed items to remove from your diet for a healthier lifestyle.  This week I though we'd talk about adding healthy items to your current diet.  The Green Smoothie is a fantastic way to get more of those elusive fruits and veggies in your diet. Greens are an essential part of our diet.  They contain chlorophyll, which increases brain power, cleans out diseased tissue, eliminates parasites and bacteria buildup, removes heavy metals, builds red blood cells and increases energy.  Eating Greens Will Extend Your Life!!!

So why smoothies?  One, I find that most people who are just getting into greens, have no clue what to do with kale, collard greens, dandelion greens, etc.  Two, most people do not properly chew their food.  Greens need to be broken down very finite, to break apart the cell structure that releases most of the properties in the food.  By blending them, they are already "pre-digested" and your body can more easily assimilate them. 

Green Smoothies are typically 40% greens and 60% fruit to start.  As you become more used to them, start adding more greens and less fruit.  I recommend drinking a quart a day to get the highest intake of greens.  My Dad started doing this a year ago and he immediately noticed a difference in how his body functioned.  These smoothies are great tasting and easy to make.  Check out this article on Green Smoothies for some incredible recipes. 

After you get used to drinking these, why not add some Superfoods to your smoothie to get even more from it!  I would also recommend follow this inspirational blog Green Smoothies Blog by green pioneer Victoria Boutenko.  It includes great information articles, recipes, alone with a plethora of stories from people who have healed their bodies of many diseases by implementing Green Smoothies into their diet.  I highly recommend it. 

Note: I should also warn you that you will likely go into a detox when you start implementing Green Smoothies in your diet.  This could include increase in bowel movements, breakouts, runny nose, etc.  Don't panic!! Your body is filled with toxins, from the food we eat, the environment, etc.  You WANT to eliminate them from your body!! This initial detox will simmer down a bit after a few days/week once your body gets rid of the worst of the worst.  You will then notice that your bowel movements are likely to always be more frequent, but thankfully your skin will clear up and your nose will as well.  Check out my blog on detox tools later this week to ease this process.

Ok, healthy lords and ladies, go out there and Green It Up!!!

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  1. Nice. Now all I need is a blender that can handle all those fabulous greens and frozen fruits!


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