Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Detox Your World

Our body takes in toxins daily, from the pesticides in our food, the chemicals in our shampoos and the air we breathe.  Even if you are on a strict organic diet using only natural household products, you still have toxins.  High levels of toxins affect how our body functions, creating disease, increasing parasites and nasty bacteria in our body, making us fatigued and gain weight.  There are several simple, at home tools that you can add to your daily practice that will help you eliminate these toxins from your body, and make you healthier overall. 

1. Skin Brushing The Skin is the largest organ in the body; a quarter of our daily elimination comes through the skin.  The Lymphatic System is the one system in our body that does not have it's own "pump" to help it circulated.  It can become stagnant it we do not actively move it.  Skin brushing stimulates the Lymph system, moving toxins through, into the colon, releasing during urination. Skin Brushing has many great benefits including improving the elasticity of your skin, removing dead tissue that clogs pores, reducing cellulite, improving digestion, increasing the production of new cells, strengthening the immune system and improving lymph function.  You can get a dry brush from most supermarkets, drug stores, Target, Whole Foods, etc. Do it before you get into the shower each day.  Watch the video below to see how it's done.

2. Colon Cleansing The average person has 25lbs of feces jam packed into their colon.  Yuck!! Because of all the toxins we've allowed into our bodies, the colon has become a feeding ground for parasites, who thrive on the nasty bacteria buildups.  All of this nasty commotion slows down the function of the colon, which can cause toxins to leak back into the bloodstream, make it difficult for you to assimilate all the nutrients in your food, make bowel movements difficult or infrequent and cause fatigue.  Finding a colonic practitioner is a great way to eliminate this buildup, and make your colon shiny and new again.  Enema's are a great at home tool, however they most clean out the rectum, the last 8-12 inches of the colon.  However, even doing this can help get you moving better, and eliminate the buildup in the rest of the colon.  Coffee enemas also help detox the liver, pulling even more toxins from the body.  I highly recommend including enemas in your detox practice.  I would personally purchase the enema bucket for the easiest and cleanest process. 

Purchase an enema kit here: Enema Bucket Kit
Learn how to perform an enema: Give Yourself an Enema
Detox Your Liver with a Coffee Enema: Coffee Enema

3. Neti Pot The neti pot is a great tool for cleaning out the sinuses.  Colds, allergies, respiratory problems are very common.  The sinuses fill with bacteria, mucus and other toxins.  By gently washing them with saline, you can prevent sinus related sickness! Simply insert the Neti Pot gently into your nostril, tilt your head, and let the liquid slowly drain through, cleaning out the nasal passages.  Repeat on the other side.  You can do this as often as you like, some people do it daily, like brushing your teeth.  I would recommend doing it before getting into the shower.  I often find that the moisture from the shower makes me release even more mucus from my nostrils, plus I'd rather get rid of the "gunk" during my shower, than sit on the couch for 20 minutes after blowing my nose. 

4. The Zapper This unique tool uses a small electronic pulse to kill parasites in your system.  Yes, people, worms, creepy crawlers and all sorts of nasties are living in your body right now, feeding off your waste, eating your food before you get to properly digest it, and they can also feed off of you!! Creating healthy eating habits and detoxing regularly can eliminate or reduce parasites in your system. The Terminator Zapper is a kickass little tool that you can wear anywhere, that literally "zaps" those pesky little parasites.  The first week I slept with it on the bottom of my foot every night, and wore it on various body parts while sedentary.  I spent 10 days mostly sleeping and taking trips to the bathroom, no kidding!! My body went into serious detox mode, and when I came out of it I had more energy than I'd had in years. 

Want to read some horribly disturbing, yet informative info on parasites? Human Intestinal Parasites
Grossed out? Would you like to get rid of those pets? Order a Zapper

These are just a few suggestions, that can make a HUGE difference in how your body functions.  Exercise, deep breathing, Tongue Scraping, laughter, meditation, detox bath and a good nights sleep are also important in eliminating toxins from your body and keeping healthy.


  1. I have been meaning to use the neti pot for several days now and keep forgetting, thanks for the reminder!

  2. This is all very interesting and I'm willing to try these ideas. I definitely need something to address my chronic pain and my lack of energy. Thanks!!


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