Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What I Need Help With: A Guide for Those Who Have Requested Info on Aiding Me on My Healing Journey

Asking for help. Doesn't it just make your skin crawl? I'm a superhero dammit! I was even given a Wonder Woman award at work for being such a power house and leader. The past seven years, until recently, I have taken myself to every cancer related appointment. I picked out my protocols, I told my parents the cliff notes version of what was going on to protect them from the doctors often harsh words, and I worked full time, sometimes more than 40 hours a week running my father's company. Then a few years ago I had serious fatigue issues. I couldn't make it to my appointment on my own so my parents took me. My organs were failing, and I had days, maybe weeks to live. Oops. Guess I should have slowed down a bit eh? I had a choice to make; let the cancer take me, or live, and allow others to aid me. I chose to live.  I became part-time at work, I slowed down a bit, I allowed my folks to attend some of my appointments and I healed. Over time as I felt better my do-it-yourself gene kicked in (really, it never went away) and what do you know, I got deathly ill again. This time, I don't think I have the option to fiddle around. It's heal or die  To my surprise, the community stepped up, without me saying a word. Suddenly, I had a Chip-In account, which as of today has over $800 in it. I had someone loan me a juicer, a Vibe machine; people I've never met have brought me food and volunteered to walk Triton and so much more. I've had to acknowledge that I simply cannot do it all on my own. Even with my parents help, it's been taking a toll on them as well. My Mom is clearly getting overwhelmed, and my Dad is on vacation right now to help him get it back together. We all need help. One of the community members suggested that I post a list, updating it frequently, of what I need. It seems many people would like to help, they just don't know how. So I'm adding a module to my blog, just under the Shanna Sandmoen's Healing Fund Chip-In link on the right hand side, that will be updated regularly with my needs. And friends, I am humbling myself to ask for help. I am incredibly grateful and moved by everything that has been done so far, and I KNOW that this time, I'm going all the way and I'm not stopping until I'm completely healed. And when that happens (which is a goal on my 31 Things Before I Turn 31), I am going to throw a huge bash, and you are all invited. Thank you for your support, and located below is my initial list and some links to previous posts regarding my cancer journey for those of you that are new to my situation.

What I Need Help With/Things I Need

  1. Pre-made Meals. I can always used pre-made meals. Whether it's your own delightful home cooking, something from Whole Foods, Nature's Pantry, Conveniently Natural, etc. it helps a lot to know I always have something on hand and most things can be frozen if I get an overload. Note: I am allergic to fennel, tumeric and simply detest mushrooms. Otherwise, as long as it's vegetarian, I'll probably like it. 
  2. Dog Walking. I have a 140lbs great dane/newfound named Triton who loves to go for walks, run around the backyard, and have his belly rubbed. If you are a strong brave soul, he would love to hang with you. 
  3. Laundry: I have a laundry room in the basement. Sadly, I no longer have the strength to carry the basket up and down the stairs. I usually always have things to wash, as I have to wear my giant clothes right now because of the fluid issue. 
  4. Light Housework: My Mom does what she can, as does my Dad, but Triton sheds a lot, so dog hair piles up quickly, dishes need to be loaded/unloaded frequently, and of course there is the bathroom. 
  5. Juicing and Smoothies: I'm just learning to juice, and I do green smoothies. Some days I don't have the strength to make them. I'm always open to help juicing and creating delicious smoothies. 
  6. Rides to Appointments: I have healing appointments in Lee's Summit 3-4 times a week. My Mom has been driving back and forth to take me to appointments and it's taking a toll emotionally and on her gas mileage. Any help, even just one direction or the other would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Mow Lawn: My lawn hasn't been mowed....well I'm not sure when, early summer. I don't own a lawnmower, but if anyone is up for it, Triton probably would appreciate it. 
  8. Afternoon Social Outings: Ok, so this is not really help, but it can get incredibly boring being stuck at home all the time, and as I'm limited to my driving/walking right now, I would LOVE to occasionally get out in the afternoons and go to a local coffee shop for an hour or so and just have some good conversation. One More Cup, Mud Pie and Coffee Girls are all great places that offer local, organic and vegetarian/vegan options. Entertain me please :) 
  9. Dog Food:  Triton needs a 50lb of organic dog food, they sell brands at Petsmart, Petco, and even some grocery stores. I can reimburse or provide money upfront, I simply don't have the strength to get and carry the bag in and out of the store and pour it into his bin.
  10. Raw Cacao Powder: I'm almost out, and I use it to flavor my rather disgusting daily mineral lifesaving powder I drink. This is one item that I can't get at any place near me, so I'm afraid I might run out before I get a chance to get to Whole Foods. If anyone is going to the store this week, I'll reimburse you the cost if you pick me up a bag and drop it off.
And of course, any donations to Shanna Sandmoen's Healing Fund are very welcome.

Those are immediate needs, as I said I will put up a sidebar and update. Other things that come up would be going to the grocery store, I can sometimes walk the store, but I can't carry bags. Triton needs food every 4 weeks or so, I almost always need Kleenex, obviously certain toiletries, and whatever random things that might come up. Again, GRATEFUL. You are all beautiful, thank you.

Love and Gratitude,


P.S. Here are some links to my cancer journey


  1. That is a great and helpful list! Also I am so proud of you for reaching out and putting together a list of your needs. I love you!!!!

  2. Remember that it is just as blessed to receive as it is to give and that is a lesson most of us need to learn...good job!


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