Monday, July 25, 2011

My Cancer Protocols Explained

This past weekend I posted a Cancer Update and listed some of the protocols I've implemented or am in the process of implementing. I realize that most of that is gibberish to the general populace, and quite frankly up until last week was for me as well. So I thought I'd break it down a bit. Feel free to ask any questions and I will link to sites with more info, for those of you also going through health issues.

MSM/Colloidal Silver
MSM is an extremely vital mineral, that in combination with the silver, kills the microbes in cancer cells. Alone, these two would not have this affect, but by taking the MSM, than waiting 15 minutes and following up with the silver, the MSM opens up a "doorway" to allow the silver to come in and kill the microbes inside the cancer cells, allowing the cell to restore to a natural healthy state. 

Limu Juice
This product is a seaweed juice, with a tiny bit of fruit juice to improve the taste. The seaweed has cancer killing abilities and is a good addition to any protocol, but not necessarily a stand alone product. It's also crazy expensive. However, one of the main benefits is that it gives cancer patients more time, allowing other protocols to kick in. The taste leaves a little to be desire, but I've been throwing it back like a shot, so it's not so bad. Right now I'm taking about half the recommended dose of 16 ounces a day, but I am already feeling the affects. 

The Cellect/Budwig Protocol
This protocol has six parts 1) Vegetable Juice 2) The Budwig Diet 3) Cellect 4) Coffee Enemas and other detox methods 5) Vitamin B17 6) Real Sunlight. I have been doing green smoothies, and will now do a quart of smoothie and a quart of juice daily. A member of our local community was kind enough to loan us a juicer, so we'll be starting that portion this week.  

The Budwig Diet consists of a blended portion of cottage cheese and flax oil, at I 2:1 ratio, with the larger portion being the cottage cheese. While it sounds odd, this protocol was discovered by a German scientist in the 50's named Johanna Budwig and has been used successfully to heal cancer patients for many decades. The combination of the flax oil and cottage cheese causes a chemical bond that allows the cells to easily absorb this combo. It creates an electrical charge in the cells, causing cancer cells to die and strengthening healthy cells. This protocol is done twice a day, on an empty stomach, and the goal is to work up to a 6:3 ratio. Some people really love it, personally I think it has a bit of an after taste, but I'm used to chucking down pretty much anything by now.

B17, also referred to Laetrile, is found primarily in apricot pits. Back in the 70's you could purchase B17 supplements at your local health food store, but sadly people were being cured of cancer, and so the FDA, guns ablazing, came in and removed the product. Until recently people were still getting arrested for selling the seeds, but apparently that is no longer the case. However we did purchase this in pill form, and I'm attempting to determine the dosage as the bottle is in Spanish. Thank you international orders. Laetrile contains cyanide, which in this format does not harm healthy cells, but is deadly to cancer cells. This products main focus is to kill cancer cells. There are entire villages in South America where the people have never had cancer, because they eat the pits of the fruits. This is a highly effective treatment, but works best in conjunction with the Cellect, which provides the nutrients needed for the Laetrile to be absorbed by the body. The Cellect, which is a major portion of this protocol, is a powder that you take 6-8 scoops a day, and contains tons of minerals, which essentially support the immune system and aid the B17 in killing cancer cells.
Detoxing is another important portion of this protocol. Once these methods start to work, your body works like heck to release toxins. Any toxins that get stuck recycle back into your blood stream, which can open the door to viruses and cause fatigue. Currently I am doing weekly colonics, and will start doing coffee enemas twice a day. The reason for the coffee is that it not only removes debris from the rectum, but also releases toxins from the liver, making it more beneficial than a typical enema. The more toxins you can move out of your body, the better you will feel and the less work your body has to do and the faster it will heal.

The Vibe Machine
Here's some info from the website "The VIBE Machine works on five different levels by using a medium electromagnetic field. In this field, a high voltage pulse is added along with ozone. The charge is placed at a negative voltage which is being transmitted to an antenna designed to twist the magnetic field. It is then routed through noble and inert gases. These gases are in a plasma state, varying in frequencies which relate to human cellular frequencies. Plasma is found between the protons and electrons of all cells in the human body. By oscillating this plasma state, the cells are energized by the Vibe Machine. Disease is a state found in non-vibrating, non-charged, or non-energized cells. The VIBE Machine brings the vibrational level of your body back to its natural state of being. It is a technological breakthrough in enhancing the human body by helping it reach optimum vibration and energy." Interesting eh? This is $10K machine, that a wonderful community member is lending to me during my treatment. You do two five minute sessions daily.

Resonance Repatterning
This is an energy psychology technique, designed to release blockages to emotional health. I used this several years ago to clear a pattern of attracting rapists wannabe (I'm not joking, I had DAILY issues from kindergarten through my early 20's). Anyway, after ONE SESSION, I received a compliment and date offer from a NORMAL man, and shortly there after met someone who I dated for three years. I also, after 20 years of being assaulted, sexually harrassed, etc., have never had another incident. This is powerful stuff people. Here's some info from my gal Bobbie Martin's website. "Resonance Repatterning is a process designed to clear beliefs, behaviors and negative emotions that create limitations in your life.  Much of what holds you back originates from subconscious patterns (or programming) which took place early in your life.  These subconscious patterns interfere with your ability to create the happiness, abundance, fulfillment, love and health that you desire. Repatterning works by bringing these subconscious patterns into your consciousness so they can be addressed and cleared, allowing you to move easily and naturally towards a state of what we call coherence. Coherence, as defined in Resonance Repatterning, is a greater balance, aliveness, harmony, and alignment with your goals." I am using this method to keep my positive mojo going and release any feelings of wanting to die. I've had one session in the last week, and my spirits are improved tremendously. I highly recommend this for anyone with emotional blockages.

In addition to the items listed above, I will also start using a rebounder, which is a mini-trampoline, designed to move the lymphatic system. You can be as gentle or as enthused as you want. Even just standing on it and moving your feel just a little bounces you enough to move the lymph system. This is so important as the lymphatic system does not have it's own pump, so without movement it can get sluggish and cause illness. I am also taking an assortment of supplements, including Hydrocloric Acid and Digestive Enzymes (for processing my food) and Milk Thistle to support the liver, D-Ribose to support immune fuction, and B12, Vitamin D and Iron. Obviously I'm also eating a healthy diet, mostly vegan, lots of veggies and good grains, and drinking tea as often as possible. 

Whew! Healing is a full time job, but I am fully dedicated. I am so much Gratitude and Love for my Supporters. Thank you for being there, and you are all invited over for Christmas Dinner, because, I WILL be here, and will be stronger than ever. 




  1. Love you, Shanna! Seriously, get yourself some little timer-reminder gadget/phone app/or computer thing so you don't have to remember when to do these things. It does it for you and you can focus on wellness rather than the treatment itself. ;) Loved seeing you these past two days. Hopefully I can come again soon!


  2. Hi how is your health now? Does your treatment help? thanks mark

  3. Update?


  4. Sadly she died which doesn't prove or disprove anything but is food for thought... Blessings to her and her family.


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