Saturday, August 20, 2011

Spirit Junkie Meditations: A Review

My guru and friend Gabby Bernstein has recently released a meditation CD. I downloaded it a few weeks ago, prior to my Kripalu Spirit Junkie Adventure. These 12 tracks are fairly short, 6-10 minutes long, which is great for people who claim they have little time to meditate. So far I think that "The Bridge" and "Spirit Junkie" are my favorite meditations. I admit that my Ego has prevented me from taking the time to do the "Forgiveness" and "Cord-Cutting" meditations. My goal for this next week is to work on a least one Forgiveness letter, and do the meditations to release, then burn the letter and send it to the Universe. This is such a powerful technique, one which I've done before, and I believe the meditations will be a great aid. I highly recommend downloading her new album and get your meditation on!

  1. Chapter One: Honoring Yourself Meditation
  2. Witnessing Meditation
  3. De-Special Meditation
  4. Asking Meditation
  5. Forgiveness Meditation
  6. Relationship Meditation
  7. Great Rays Meditation
  8. Accepting Your Invitation
  9. The Bridge Meditation
  10. Releasing Meditation
  11. Cord-Cutting Meditation
  12. Spirit Junkie Meditation

Coming in September is her new book, Spirit Junkie! I am so excited! This will be a great follow up to her first book, Add More ~Ing to Your Life: A Hip Guide to Happiness. Part memoir, part guide, Spirit Junkie is a must have. Pre-order from Amazon today!

    Check out my other blogs on Gabrielle Bernstein here.  

    Have you read anything by Gabby? Do you meditate? What are your favorite meditations? 


    1. I am glad that you found some meditations you like!

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