Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Trip to the Hospital or Adventures of the Fluid Monster

This past week I started filling up with fluid. I had had some fluid on my abdomen, gained 15lbs over several weeks, but last week I gained another 20lbs of fluid that has filled my legs, feet, abdomen and butt. Basically, I'm a cross between Santa Claus and the Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters, with hobbit feet, and a Beyonce booty. Monday I called my doctors office as the fluid had gotten so bad I could barely move myself around and started having breathing issues. They told me to go to the ER. My Mom took me up to St. Luke's East in Lee's Summit and we only had to wait 20 minutes in the ER before being admitted. That started five hours of extensive testing including blood and urine tests, chest x-ray, cardio angiogram, EKG, etc. After that, I was admitted into the hospital. What a swanky room! I swear it was bigger than my living room, with two flat screen TV's, a futon, bookcases, several chairs, etc. I guess if you have to stay in the hospital, do it in style, right. And while the hospital was not my favorite vacation destination, I was impressed at how attentive the staff was.

Monday night and Tuesday I went through more tests, including sonograms and an echo cardiogram. Essentially they determined that the fluid in my body was in my tissue and could not be drained. I found this very upsetting as I hoped to get some relief. They also believe that the cause of the fluid is that my veins are not holding fluid and leaking into my tissue. This is because of the stress of the tumors on my body and the fact that I'm not producing enough hemoglobin and protein cells. I also have congestive heart failure and my heart is operating at 15% efficiency. They also noticed that I was breathing through the right lung, but in the left I only had air coming through the back of the lung. I was discharged Tuesday night, with a prescription for diuretics. At this point all they can offer is to monitor my heart closely and hope that the fluid starts to come off.

I am kicking my healing plan into high gear as this is the only way to combat this at the moment. I need to release some of this fluid, which will take pressure off the heart and lungs. Right now I'm taking a mineral/vitamin compound called Cellect that should give my cells the tools they need to start creating proper cells, building amino acids, which will strengthen my body. I am also taking vitamin B17, which eats cancer cells, drinking green smoothies, using an frequency machine that kills the microbes in cells, essentially killing cancer cells, and much more. I am determined to turn this around. I am grateful for all the support that I have received so far.

A friend of mine who also healed herself holistically has created a Chip-In account for my family. Doing everything holistically is extremely expensive; insurance does not cover any of my holistic treatments. If you feel moved to donate go to Shanna Sandmoen's Healing Fund



  1. Sending you lots of love and healing energy!

  2. I'm so sorry you're having to go through all this. You sure do have the right attitude tho...and that will help you tremendously in your healing. I'm two years thriving with Mets Breast Cancer and know this is not an easy journey. Sending you love and light and immediate relief from the fluid monster! Xo

  3. Sister Shanna,
    I'm here with Elisa and Zoe and we just read your blog. We are sitting her saying a massive prayer for you. Asking the angels to surround you, protect you and love you.

    I am going to tweet and facebook this blog now to help raise money for your holistic remedies. I love you sister. Sending you soooo much love. Soooo much love!

  4. Shanna -
    Gabby Zoe and I are chipping in to the fund and want to help you get started on your 31 things to do! we will send what we can to make it easier on you. sending you tons of love and light. we love you.
    xx Elisa

  5. love u shanna! crossed paths on herfuture a few times, sending you light & love, you have a beautiful spirit, much love xoxo chipped in a little, will spread the word xoxo

  6. Blessings of healing to you Shanna... positive thoughts along with Archangel Raphael who I've called upon to help you on your way... with love always, x x x

  7. Shanna....hang in there and remember one step at a time! Always in my prayers and sending out positive healing towards you!

  8. Sending you lots of love. I found your blog through Gabrielle Bernstein. Wishing you all the best on your journey towards recovering your health. Don't forget vitamin D supplements/vitamin D from sunshine if you aren't doing that already.

    Lots of love and light

  9. You are very strong and positive and bringing me so much happiness. I will keep you in my thoughts!!

  10. Shanna,

    Just discovered your blog via Gabby B. I am amazed and inspired by your strength, hope and determination! I, too, was diagnosed with Hodgkins (stage IV) in Aug 2009, in my neck, mediastinum, and lungs (tumor in my right lower lobe). I did choose the traditional path of 6 months chemo, although during that time I discovered Kris Carr and her Crazy Sexy Cancer approach. I don't know that I would have had the courage you and Kris have to fight the cancer holistically. You are truly a SHE-WARRIOR, go girl!

    I will be following your blog and sending you love, healing energy, good juju, the violet flame of healing, you name it it's there. I am 17 months in remission and cannot wait until you can say the same! Sending love and light, Megan in Tucson, AZ

  11. The angel signs keep telling me to expect miracles so I am expecting You to be that miracle! I love you...even if you are a fluid monster. :)


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