Thursday, March 8, 2012

Shanna -- Health Update

Hello Everyone,

This is Shanna's friend, Briana, and I am writing to update you on her lastest health situation, per her request.

Shanna was admitted to St. Luke's East in Lee's Summit on Tuesday night after suffering from breathing difficulties; she currently is in the ICU. When she was admitted, her blood pressure was dangerously low, and her body was retaining a lot of water, as it has in the past. They were able to drain five liters of liquid from her body, which helped her to feel more comfortable. They had her on a heavy duty oxygen mask for the first couple of nights, but she is now on a nasal cannula.

The most serious issue she is facing is congestive heart failure; her heart is weakening. This is the most immediate danger to her right now.

Shanna asked that I provide you all with the direct phone line to her room; she enjoys hearing from people, so feel free to contact her at (816) 607-0017.

Thank you for keeping Shanna in your thoughts and prayers!



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