Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Are You a Beegan? The Benefits of Bee Products

The vegan community has been debating the ethics of beekeeping for years. Some vegans call it a cruel practice, and others argue that when done right, the bees are not hurt at all, and there are many health benefits. Personally, I agree with the "beegans" a term coined for those vegan who choose to eat bee products. I agree the "factory farm" beekeeping is horrid, just like with the animals, but if you focus on family and local farms that use proper methods, I really don't see the issue. Here are some great articles that discuss this. 

Bee Products (Raw Honey, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly). It's extremely important when researching bee products to support beekeepers that use cruelty free, organic practices. Not only is this more humane, but you will get a much better product. Also, if possible, purchase your Bee Pollen from a local source.  Pollen has proven to greatly reduce allergies, and locally sourced pollen will better protect you from possible allergens in your area.  My Mom gives her dog Aurora bee pollen for allergies and has noticed a significant different in her skin condition, scratching, and other signs of allergies. Bee Pollen is also highly alkaline, neutralized free radicals, increases hormone levels, increases strength and muscle definition. Royal Jelly is fed exclusively to the Queen Bee. This product is extremely high in protein, regulates nerve fibers, B-Vitamins, and treats hormonal imbalances.  A study published in 1960 by the American Association for Cancer Research Inc. found that "whole royal jelly, when premixed with tumor cells before inoculation, has been shown to inhibit completely the development of transplantable AKR leukemia..."


  1. I agree that bee products are extremely healthy and people do best when buying from local bee farms...I only wish that I liked the taste of honey.

  2. I love the term Beegan! I'am a Beegan! ^_^ Bee products are amazing! they are healthy and has a lot use! Go Beegan! :) Thanks for sharing this article :)

  3. Bees are really helpful and beneficial which is why I'm now planning to be a beekeeper too. It's just amazing to know how these little creatures can do more good than harm. :)


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