Monday, March 5, 2012

Eco Emi January/February Boxes

I recently subscribed to a monthly product box. These have become VERY popular and there are many different companies doing it. What drew me to Eco-Emi is that everything is Organic, mostly vegan, and doesn't test on animals. This is what I received in my first two boxes.

Since I'm doing these together, I won't talk about the separate months. I really enjoyed some of these products and have ordered a larger size of one of them.  

  1. Lip Balms: Each box had one lip balm, full size. The first supported Endangered Species. Mine supported the Monk Seal in lavender orange flavor. OMG this is AMAZING!! Definitely will buy from them at some point. The other lip balm was from Dagoba. I got the lavender chocolate flavor. They must know somehow I love lavender, and this product is amazing as well. Stock up!
  2. Makeup Items: Currently, I'm not wearing make-up, so I'm not sure what I'll do with those products. I have a Lip Tint, Lip Gloss and Eyeliner. 
  3. Food Products: I received a nice sample of sprouted quinoa, and three teas; two green teas and a Herbal Chocolate Mint Truffle Tea by Mighty Leaf Tea. I can't wait to try that one! They are all loose leaf, and I don't have the ability to brew loose leaf right now, so once I get a tea ball, I will try them out!
  4. Laundry Detergent I have a sample of BioKleen detergent, which I'm sure will come in handy, and then the February box had the oddest thing. I, and most of the members, thought it was food at first. They are soap nuts. They are small fruit that grow in the tropics and apparently can clean laundry. They came in a little bag, which you just toss into the wash. I think the batch I got is good for about four loads. I'm really interested to try these. 
  5. I also received a sample of coconut oil, Deep Steep lotion, Dr. Clean Green hand sanitizer, sunblock by Dr. Robbins, a full bar of OluvSuds Soap, Organic Energy Shampoo and Conditioner by Greenbody Greenplant and Lavender & White Tea Towelettes by Crystal Essence. I've only tried the towelettes, and I really feel they worked well, They were quick and easy to use and for those days you just need to run up to the grocery store but don't want to shower, wipe yourself down and you won't have to worry about stinkiness. 
  6. Body Butter by Lauren Brooke Cosmetics: This came in a tiny sample, but I fell in love. My hands have cracked and need serious work. Just that little sample helped eased them. I ordered full sized and am so excited to use them! The scents include Sweet Chai, Chocolate Orange and Chocolate Mint. 
Overall I'm happy with the program and look forward to getting my March box at the end of the month!

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