Sunday, October 2, 2011

Detox: My Week of Cleansing

It's been over a week since I've posted, and that's because I'm gone through some MAJOR detoxing. This past weekend I basically peed and slept. I didn't really eat, or do anything else. The thing is, I felt just fine. I've been through fatigue phases before where it usually is not the greatest sign. But this was definitely my body going through some serious changes. I lost almost 15lbs of the water weight (woot!) and am nearing my regular weight. My tumors continue to drop, and my body is healing like no crazy.


Things I've learned this week:
  • Sleep is incredibly healing, especially with an awesome bed and cozy pillow
  • I missed drinking green smoothies. Somehow I got out of the habit, probably when I was hospitalized, but I restarted this week. Peach, blueberry, spinach anyone?
  • Coffee enemas are really important. My initial experience were really horrible, but after reading some tips and getting everything set up right, it went fairly smoothly this time. And while I initially didn't get a lot of releasing, that night I seriously released up a storm. This is definitely part of my daily routine now. 
  • Detox baths are heavenly. Lavender essential oil, don't bathe without it. So calming. 
  • Meditation is very healing, especially when going through emotional detox. Keep the MP3 player close at all times.
  • The Vibe machine is also a great way to heal, and all you do it sit there, for six minutes, and let the energy raise your frequencies. 
  • It's important to also get your veggies in, but know that you can't always be perfect. 
  • Going out with friends is a really important part of healing. It's important to have amazing, supportive people in your life. 
  • Sadly, I also learned that some relationships, even with family members, are not always healthy. Sometimes we have to eliminate or at least temporarily break from these situations in order to protect ourselves and continue healing. 
I am feeling so much better. I've been more awake, getting my clarity back, and loving that I can wear regular clothes again!! I also have gotten back to reading fiction. My mind has been so back and forth that I've had problems focusing on reading, plus with all the water weight I could NEVER get comfortable. Now, I can cozy up in my reading nook and enjoy a good book.

I plan on catching up on some blogging this week and continue to focus on healing.

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  1. most of all thank you for reminding me I can't always be perfect. Man I wish I could sleep for a stretch like that...however my 14 month old mini tyrant just won't permit such behavior. You are amazing - keep healing- oh an f yes i love spinach in my smoothies - the baby loves it too- her fave is mango, avocado, spinach with hemp milk


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