Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Shift~ing and Focus~ing

In Gabrielle Bernstein's book Add More ~Ing to Your Life: A Hip Guide to Happiness she discusses making that mental shift; creating your own personal statement of who you are shifting into. First, you have to rethink about yourself. Do you tell yourself that you are fat, worthless, unemployable, etc. Shift those thoughts! You have a beautiful body, you bring so much into the world and have many skills an employer would find valuable. Change the story of your life to who you want to be, and believe it! Take time to meditate on what you want your story to be. Are there others that are influencing your current story? Make sure to to include that as well. For example if you feel your family doesn't support you, change the story to "My family supports me in all I do." The more you believe and focus on your new story, it will become a part of you. My personal shift statement, "I am a healthy vibrant woman. I earn a comfortable living sharing my healing knowledge with the world." After you create your statement, focus on making it reality. Share shift statement with family and friends, post it where you can see it, read it to yourself daily, create a Vision Board to help you visualize. Incorporate your shift statement into your meditation practice. The Law of Attraction tells us to not only think it, but feel it. It is the feeling that transforms and creates the reality. The more positive our thoughts and feelings, the better our experience will be. You have the power to transform your reality simply by focusing your thoughts and feelings on your desires.

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  1. I love the statement! Abraham would approve :)
    Don't forget to tap it in too!


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