Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Heal Yourself With the EFT Movie Method

 Recently I've been using EFT more and more to heal emotional issues. One of the methods that I've found that provides the biggest release is the Movie Method. Essentially, you take an experience, something that happened to you that you feel strongly about, give it a title, and tell the story.

For example, I still have strong emotions over a pair of shoes Triton ate when he was a puppy. Sounds silly, but it still bothers me and for this example I'd prefer to share a "lighter" story. We'll call it "The Day Triton Ate My One of  Kind, Never Been Worn, Designer Shoes".

First, you start the story a little before the "event". So I would start by sharing how I put my brand new shoes on my bed, then went to the bathroom to comb my hair. When I returned, my then 5 month old puppy had one of the shoes between his paws, the strap already destroyed. STOP. At this point I am feeling an emotional response, so I would use the EFT tapping method to release this emotion. For example, "Even though I felt shocked and angry and upset and numb at seeing my wonderful perfect shoes being eaten, I completely love and accept myself." Say this 3x, then move to the tapping points on the body using mini-phrases such as "angry at Triton" "shocked by what I saw" "my favorite shoes!", etc. until you hit all the points. Deep breath, and then on a scale from 1-10, rate the feeling. I would continue tapping until my feeling about that moment was a 1 or 0.

Then you continue the story. After pausing for a moment to witness the destruction, I started screaming and shouting profanities at Triton at the top of my lungs. I ran at him and beat him with the shoe and chased him out of the house. STOP. At this point I clearly have emotions, so I would do another round of tapping, example "Even though I was so angry I lost control I completely love and accept myself." Do this 3x, round of tapping on all the points, and then evaluate. Basically, you continue until you've made it through the entire story.

Once the story is complete, and you've tapped on every emotion throughout, take a moment to think about that story, see if you have an residual feelings. For me, I have guilt for lashing out at Triton like that, the poor thing shied away from me for days after that. So I would tap on my guilt until the emotion became a 1 or 0.

I enjoy using this method because there are many experiences we have that are filled with a variety of emotions, and by going through step by step, we can really release a lot of issues, and potentially release feelings tied to other stories.

Have You Used EFT? How Did You Feel Afterward?


  1. I am so happy that you are getting a lot of help with the "movie technique" but I can't help laughing at the image of Triton with that shoe in his mouth! (o:

  2. I need to get on board and make the commitment to try this!

  3. I totally remember that story! I'm glad you could make peace with it. I'm sure I have stories to make peace with as well.


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