Sunday, March 27, 2011

30 Things Before I Turn 30: #3 and 9 Watch Gone With the Wind and Create My Vision Board

Today I finally got out the Gone With the Wind DVD I received from the library, my magazine/internet pictures and poster board for my Vision Board and got cracking! I really think the Vision Board turned out beautifully, and I'm so glad to have it to inspire me as I turn 30 this week. Vision Boards are a great tool to attract abundance into your life. Take pictures that represent goals, people who inspire you, quotes, ideas, etc. and make a collage and post where you can see everyday. I remember one scene from The Secret where one of the speakers shared a story about purchasing his dream home. As he unpacked, he found the box with all his vision boards in it, and one of the boards from 3-4 years earlier had a picture of a house, the EXACT same house that he purchased! Do you have a Vision Board?

P.S. Not a fan of Gone With the Wind. Have you seen it?


  1. I am looking forward to seeing that vision board in person! :)

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