Friday, February 25, 2011

The Unmistakable Touch of Grace: Embark on a Spiritual Journey

I am now open and receptive to the power of grace in my life. I ask to be shown clear examples of how I can face this challenge with courage, wisdom, and strength.

A few weeks ago I began reading Cheryl Richardson's "The Unmistakable Touch of Grace." In this book Richardson shares her experience opening herself to the Universe, moving from depression and an abusive relationship to a place of inner peace, guidance, and love. Each chapter she shares her progression, and provides assignments to the reader to encourage our own exploration of grace. In the second chapter she encourages us to share our Spiritual Journey, thus far, with someone else. This is my story.

From Hinduism to Atheism and Back Again: Or, My Journey to Spiritual Love
My family never went to church, discussed God, faith, or prayed. As a little kid, I attended various church camps or Sunday schools with friends. I always thought it odd that the children never questioned anything and took it all on faith, a concept I struggle with to this day. In third grade some kids on the playground asked me if I believed in God. Eh? I had no idea. I told them I needed to ask my Mom and I'd let them know the next day. My wonderful Mom took it  all in stride, sat me down, and told me that when I was older I would be able to determine what path was right for me. She shared some basics of various world religions and I decided I liked Hinduism. Cow worshipping vegetarians who believe in reincarnation, why not? The next day at school I proudly told the kids I was Hindu. Satisfied that I had a "religion" we ran off to play tether ball. 

 In high school I declared myself an Atheist. I even volunteered to participate in a Q&A for my Sociology class. Classmates asked me ridiculous questions, like, "what will you tell your kids on Easter?". Hello, we're 14, really? Basically I decided that there were a million available religions and how the heck would anyone really know which one was right, so I'd just find out when I died. Atheist and proud, I even wrote a special column for the school paper, just in time for Christmas. Hey, I found it amusing. As I moved into college I realized Agnostic was a more accurate term, because I didn't really know, and atheists are firm that there is no life after death. Satisfied, I really didn't think about it again until a few years ago, when I realized that Spirituality is more than the "life after death question" and doesn't involve following a specific doctrine. It's a connectedness to our inner self and a believe that all life is connected and sharing in this experience. I related my Spiritual beliefs to the "Force" in Star Wars. 

I still don't have all the answers, but I am coming to terms with the fact that I am a physical, emotional and spiritual being, and being healthy involves creating balance in all areas. I am more open to connecting with my spirit guides, reading Oracle Cards, meditation, and recognizing signs that all are all around us. A Course of Miracles states, "When you believe something, you have made it true for you." I believe my journey is just beginning, and that journey is heading towards Universal Love. 

What's your Spiritual Journey story? 


  1. Haha it is definitely like 'the force' in Star Wars. It doesn't matter what we call it, but it's nice to believe in something. How funny that we posted about the same thing on the same day!

  2. If that is the way that you are leaning, you might find the Unity school of Christianity inspiring if you don't already know about that. Unity Village is just on the southeast side of Kansas City where you are. I SO want to visit Unity Village as Unity is one of the places that inspires me.


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