Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Superfood Hot Chocolate

I've been juicing like crazy since I've been out of the hospital. However, I still wish to get in my superfood and protein powders. Swishing them in milk and downing it is rather gross, as you can never get the powders properly mixed and you end up drinking powder chunks. Ugh! So I devised a plan, Superfood Hot Chocolate! Most of my powders I get the chocolate flavor, and then a couple things just have herb flavor. Here's my recipe:

Get a large mug and measure out how much almond/coconut milk you need. Add a scoop of each  item, Amazing Grasses Chocolate Green Superfood, Vega Shake and Go Smoothie in Chocolate, Missessence Radical Berry, MIessence, In-Liven Fermented Probiotic Superfood, a teaspoon of Merlin's Herbal Magic Root Elixer, one teaspoon of Colostrum, a tablespoon of Cinnamon and a tsp of Cayenne. 

This is a delicious way to get everything in. Click on each item for a link to details on that product. I added Cinnamon because of it's many benefits, including studies that show that it can add in healing lymphoma. Cayenne is a healthy heart herb, so I found that to be important as well. 


  1. Glad you found a tasty way to get it all know me I just chug it. :)

  2. I love to read your healthy eating tips. "Booster Smoothies" are my flavor of the week. I tried the veggie juicing but it gave me terrible stomach cramps. Now I "sneak" some veggies and sprouts into my smoothies.
    cancer warrior

  3. If juicing gave you cramps, that usually means you have a LOT of detoxing to do! You probably need to do some SERIOUS cleansing to get all the toxins from chemo, life, etc. out. It will be uncomfortable likely at first, but better out than in!


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