Monday, November 21, 2011

Love and Gratitude: November Edition

new pasta recipes Jane Austen mysteries  magic cookie bars  #spiritjunkie  news that Kris Carr is working on a new book; a cookbook  finding new coffee shops such as Hi Hat in Kansas City and getting the Almond Joy hot chocolate, so good!  Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory  taking myself out to the movies  Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1  rediscovering artwork that was in storage finally taking care of some clutter issues  double chocolate chip muffins  being able to have Thanksgiving dinner with both my parents at the same time  learning Gabby Bernstein is working on a new book about being a Loveatarian  pinterest  detox baths lavender essential oils  cat naps on the sofa  the new show "Once Upon a Time"  watching Christmas movies on Hallmark  listening to the new She&Him holiday album  green smoothies 

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