Friday, February 11, 2011

I Heart My Sleep Mask

Like most, sometimes sleep does not come easily to me. Between Triton's snoring, sounds from the neighborhood, and small slips of light coming through the sides of my blinds, it can take awhile to fall to sleep sometimes.  One item that has helped tremendously is the purchase of a Sleep Mask. This lovely little item blankets your eyes, blocking out ALL light fragments. Why is this important? Even in a seemingly dark room, any pinpricks of light can affect the depth of our sleep. Our Pineal Gland secrets Melatonin, a hormone that affects our biological rhythms, including our circadian rhythm. The darker our surroundings, the more melatonin our body is able to produce, and in many cases, the better we will sleep. Some nights I do not wear my mask, but I always put it on around dawn, when the sun gets up, because lets face it, I don't get up with the sun, and who can sleep through that?

Masks are fairly inexpensive, cozy, once you get used to them, and easily accessible. This is the one that I currently have, which has served me well for at least two years now.

What do you think of Sleep Masks? Have you ever worn one? Would you?


  1. I love my VibesUp sleep mask, it is the best gift you could give an insomniac or just anyone that doesn't get up with the sun!

  2. I've never worn a sleep mask, but then I"ve never had trouble sleeping.
    I bet Triton is loud! haha My brother has an english mastif and he constantly snores through the night, and the day when he takes naps. Chero likes to bark in his sleep. His legs sometimes move so I think he is chasing something in his dream.


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