Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Milk Revolution: Reviewing Non-Dairy Chocolate Milks

 In honor of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution and his battle to get chocolate milk out of schools due to high sugar content, I thought I'd see how non-dairy milks compare.

  • Pacific Chocolate Hazelnut Milk 15g of Sugar
  • SoDelicous Chocolate Coconut Milk 10g of Sugar
  • Blue Diamond Chocolate Almond Milk 20g of Sugar
  • Blue Diamond Unsweetened Chocolate Almond Milk 0g of Sugar
  • Silk Pure Almond Dark Chocolate 22g of Sugar
  • Rice Dream Chocolate Milk 28g of Sugar
  • Silk Chocolate Soy Milk 19g of Sugar
  • Silk Light Chocolate 14g of Sugar
  • Organic Valley Chocolate Soy Milk 16g of Sugar
  • Eden Foods Chocolate Soy Milk 14g of Sugar

Yikes! Looks like there is plenty of sugar in non-dairy milks as well, so don't assume this is a healthy snack. Check out this video demonstration of how much sugar the LA school kids get each week by drinking chocolate milk. Pretty scary.

Do you drink any kind of chocolate milk? What one is your favorite? Will this info influence how often you reach for the milk?

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