Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What Your Oncologist Never Told You About Cancer

Recently I received the book Cancer: Step Outside the Box by Ty Bollinger as a gift. This fascinating book details many physical reasons for cancer, discusses the horrors committed by the cancer industry and offers many suggested holistic treatments for curing the body of cancer. One of the sections that really captured my attention discussed the difference between tumors and cancer in the body. First, you need to know that cancer thrives in a low oxygen, acidic state. Which is why it's so important to increase oxygen levels in the body and eat an alkaline diet; this will starve the cancer cells. What is interesting is that we have always been led to believe that the tumors are made completely of cancer cells. This is not true. In fact, cancer cells cannot form tissue. Cancer cells reside inside the tissue. In fact, the size of tumors in the body is not an indicator of how your body is dealing with cancer, and eliminating the tumors, does not in fact, guarantee you eliminate the cancer. It is the spreading of cancer cells themselves, that kills cancer patients, not tumor growth.

Ty explains in detail the process of cell growth, but here's the condensed version. Cells use oxygen to metabolize and create their process. When the cell does not receive enough oxygen, it reverts to an inefficient process, one that cancer cells take advantage of to stabilize. When this starts to happen, the mitosis process can also be affected, meaning cells that are supposed to die off, stick around, creating excess cells in the body aka tumors. Again, these cells are not cancerous in themselves, they simply are a byproduct of our body's system not functioning properly. Essentially, these are dead cells.

Ty states, "A cancer cell is described as being undifferentiated. What this means is that a cancer cell has no useful function. As a result, a cancer cell cannot become part of the tumor tissue itself, since tumor tissue mist be composed entirely of healthy cells. The cancer cells just sit inside the tumor tissue, doing nothing except multiplying and refusing to die. However, what kills cancer patients is the spreading of their cancer cells. This is exactly why biopsies are so dangerous! Cutting the tissue can release the cancer cells into the bloodstream, thus enabling them to travel throughout the body! When the cancer spreads through the body, eventually there are enough cancer cells to kill a person."

In the book he quotes several scientists, all of which acknowledge that most disease, include cancer, stems from a lack of oxygen at the cellular level. 

By maintaining a PH of 7.35, your body will have the tools it needs to produce healthy cells, and eliminate unhealthy cells, including the dead cells. There are many tools out there, including eating a diet with lots of green leafy veggies. The more alkaline your food, the better off your body will be. Ty includes several treatment options in his books. It's important to note that Ty is NOT a doctor, simply a man who has lost many loved ones to cancer, and has taken the time to do a LOT of research and compile it in a format that is easy to understand for the lay person.

One American dies of cancer every minute. That's half a million people each year. Being diagnosed with cancer can be scary, but you do have options. One important thing to realize is that your cancer did not just appear overnight, it's been hanging out for awhile, you just discovered it. Meaning, in general, you have time to review your options. There is absolutely no reason to rush into any treatment plan, unless it's a rare situation, such as a tumor is closing off your windpipe or something. Most of the time though, it's worth taking a few weeks to discuss your options. There are tons of books out there, and even if you do go the conventional route, different oncologists may recommend various treatment programs. Get more than one opinion, three is best, read as many books as possible, and ask the Universe to guide you to what is right for you. Cancer does not have to be a death sentence, merely a journey, a lesson to move your forward in life.


  1. It was hard for me to read this post because I have difficulty at times thinking about the source of cancer. But I am glad I did, because it reinforced the idea of green veggies in my diet. I am green juicing almost every morning!

  2. Thank you for sharing your cancer and healing stories. I really wish the information about natural healing were more prevalent and the public were less cynical about it.

    I'm working on a more alkaline lifestyle and would love to be more raw. although I am vegan, I still worry about it, sometimes I am a junk food vegan. One thing that recently got me worried about my ph was I picked up the coffee habit again :/ I also worry about the non-organic vegetables and fruit that I am eating right now.

    Thanks for the book recommendation, I'd really like to read that :)


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